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Before I left for New York City (more on that later this week), I grabbed lunch with my Dad at One Eyed Jacks in Lockport. While I have been aware of the restaurant for a while, I waited until last week to take the drive up Transit Road to visit the casual BBQ restaurant. Since starting Buffalo Eats in 2009, we’ve really only had two memorable BBQ meals in Western New York, Suzy Q’s in Riverside and Kentucky Greg’s in Depew. Going into the meal I was really hoping that One Eyed Jacks could enter our shortlist of good local BBQ joints, so I had some pretty high expectations.

Besides the positive buzz about their food, I didn’t really know anything about One Eyed Jacks. When we walked in for lunch on a Thursday, the restaurant was pretty calm and we were seated right away. The design of the exterior and interior of the restaurant feels like you are out in the country and found a little local dive. Near the entrance there is a window into the smoker and you can see the staff working on BBQ. The smell from the smoker filled the dining room, which was pretty awesome.

Quick Info:

After looking over the menu for a couple minutes, we decided to keep the meal relatively light since it was lunch time. My Dad decided to go against his normal ordering habits and went with the Grilled Smoked Chicken Breast Salad (below) while I ordered their two meat BBQ Combo (far bottom). The chicken salad was pretty gigantic; a fresh salad was topped with several large strips of chicken and melted cheese. My Dad seemed to really enjoy the entire thing and had no problem finishing it off. With both of our orders we had a complimentary slice of garlic toast.

After looking over my options for the BBQ Combo, I opted for their Brisket and Pigken as my meats and the coleslaw and BBQ beans as my two sides. The brisket had a nice mix of tender pieces of beef with crispy, charred ends that really had a lot of smokey flavor but I still found myself adding their thick Kansas City style BBQ sauce for a little extra kick. That said, it was probably some of the best brisket I’ve had in WNY. The Pigken (pulled pork, smoked chicken breast, honey BBQ sauce) sounded really interesting; medium sized pieces of smoked chicken breast was mixed in with pulled pork and then covered in a really sweet and tangy honey BBQ sauce. I could tell the chicken definitely had a little extra smokey-ness but the sauce pretty much covered up most of the subtle flavors (luckily the sauce was delicious). The coleslaw was sweet with a little sprinkling of paprika to add a kick. The BBQ baked beans had a really nice pork flavor.

All together the food was pretty good. Definitely some of the better BBQ that I’ve had locally, and I’d like to revisit and try some of their other meats. The service was quick and the restaurant has a nice country and homey atmosphere. There’s also a small bar where you can eat and grab a beer. From what I’ve had so far, I don’t think it’s going to move Suzy Q’s out of the number one spot, but it’s definitely one of the better lunch options in the Getzville/Lockport/East Amherst area.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Bite: One Eyed Jacks

  • April 10, 2013 at 10:05 am

    I love One Eyed Jack’s! It may not look like much from the outside but they have my favorite BBQ in WNY!

  • April 10, 2013 at 10:41 am

    The food here is delicious – the pulled pork and the Brunswick stew are wonderful.Been coming here for years and never ever had a bad meal once. I have had BBQ from pretty much every BBQ joint in WNY and this is by far the best

  • June 8, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    My friend and I decided to go out to lunch to catch up on our lives, we wanted to go somewhere that I won’t be disappointed with the food it was her treat and asked if there might be a good place close to my house in Lockport to go and enjoy a nice meal with a casual type of dining. I remembered Buffalo eat had just recently done a review on One Eye Jack so after reading back on the article we decided to go ahead and give the place a try. Thank you for the write up we just loved One eye Jack it was very good, we both ordered the Smoked Italian Sausage with peppers and onions topped with provolone cheese.. AWSOME


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