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We’ve known about Lockport’s Pizza Oven for a while now. Our friends Alan Bedenko (our go to pizza connoisseur) and Jason Wulf (co-owner of Lake Effect Ice Cream and Lockport resident) both told us that we needed to go out of our way to visit the small pizzeria. But there were a couple problems, the pizzeria is located in Lockport and it’s takeout only (we are having a similar problem with Nette’s). Not only are we not in Lockport on a regular basis, but I didn’t want to judge their pizza after the 40 minute drive back to our house.

Lucky for us, my Dad just recently bought a house in Lockport and this weekend we helped him move. Alli and I knew that it was time to finally try Pizza Oven and their notorious pizza. Unfortunately, due to a mix up, my Dad’s house didn’t have working electricity yet and by the time we finished unloading it was well past dark. Alli and I decided we needed to suck it up and try the pizza anyways. When I walked in to pick up our small cheese and pepperoni pizza, I noticed two guys sitting in their car and eating a couple slices and figured I’d be doing the same.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Takeout Pizzeria
  • Cuisine: Pizza
  • Location: Lockport
  • Prices: Small $8

The restaurant itself is tiny; they have only four parking spaces and inside you’ll just find a vending machine and take-out counter. They had slices of pizza and calzones behind the counter that were ready to go. After grabbing our small pizza (which I noticed was in a fairly large rectangular box), a bunch of napkins and a bottle of pop, I walked over to the car to finally try a slice.

We had heard that the sauce was sweet but we still weren’t prepared for how sugary-sweet it really was. Buffalo is known for having a sweet-er sauce but this was like nothing we had tried before. Their slices don’t have your typical doughy crust either. They spread the sauce all the way to the edges of the pizza which then carmelizes into a candy-like crunch. As you can see, their slices are rectangular and cut into long strips. It was definitely messy to eat but that’s not something we really cared about at the time.

Alli and I both really really enjoyed the pizza and we finished almost the entire thing in the front seats of my car (classy, huh). I can see it being a very polarizing pizza and if you don’t like sweet sauce, you might not be a fan. We only tried their pepperoni and cheese pizza, so we can’t comment on any of their other offerings but there was a steady stream of customers coming in and out of the restaurant while we sat outside. It’s hard to recommend a special visit just to eat pizza in your car in a town 20+ minutes from where you may live, but this summer when you’re driving out to Lake Effect’s new shop, stop by Pizza Oven first and grab a slice. I have a feeling we will be there often.

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One thought on “Quick Bite: Pizza Oven

  • March 13, 2013 at 10:11 am

    Born and raised in Lockport, Pizza Oven is by far my favorite pizza in Buffalo. Although I don’t live in Lockport anymore, anytime I visit my parents I always try to swing by for a slice.


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