Nitrogen Cocktails At Mike A’s Lounge Next Week

Chef James Robert using liquid nitrogen.

Chef James Robert using liquid nitrogen.

Next week on January 28th and 29th (Monday and Tuesday), a cocktail collaboration between Chef Ed Forster (Mike A’s), Chef James Roberts (Park Country Club) and Bar Chef Tony Rials (Mike A’s) will take place at Mike A’s Lounge in the Hotel Lafayette. Thirty lucky people each night will drink classic cocktails that will be re-created using modern techniques and a little liquid nitrogen. Anyone whose had one of Tony’s cocktails at Mike A’s Lounge or were lucky enough to try James’ frozen Caipirinha Brasileira from the IN Cocktail Kickoff understands this is a can’t miss event.

The event goes from 7pm to 10pm, tickets cost $30 ($32.64 after fees) and can be purchased here.

Tony Rials making a cocktail

Tony Rials making a cocktail

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