Buffalo Food Trucks (website debut)


If you count Halal Mobile Foods (which is seasonal and I don’t think ever leaves Niagara Falls), House of Munch and Square 1 Sandwiches (which is located in Larkinville), we are up to 15 food trucks and counting. That number includes the two newest trucks Let’s Be Frank (first day scheduled on Thursday the 17th) and The Black Market Food Truck (first day scheduled on Friday the 18th in front of Acropolis 11pm-230am). We actually had the Black Market guys over for a podcast last week to discuss their food truck (they WILL have a Banh Mi). That podcast will be posted tomorrow along with a potential sneak peak at the menu.

We seem to have gotten to a point where there are too many trucks to keep track of (which is an awesome problem to have). Luckily a few people have gone out of their way to create websites to track all the trucks in one place. The newest website that just debuted today is called simply Buffalo Food Trucks. Created by Derek Neuland of Thirsty Dudes fame (one of our all time favorite podcast guests), the website links to a brief description of the truck as well as the menu, website, facebook and live twitter feed. Adrian Roselli also has a webpage set up, which is mostly dedicated to the twitter feeds of all the trucks and is also a great resource for anyone looking to to try out a food truck for lunch, dinner or late night.

5 thoughts on “Buffalo Food Trucks (website debut)

  1. CitySide

    If you check out WutsUpBuffalo.com and follow themon twitter not only would you have heard of square1sandwiches but you’d know the trucks’ locations every day (they tweet them dailly around 1030am)

    • Don Burtless

      Yes we are familiar with Wuts Up Buffalo. We didn’t realize square 1 was the Larkin sandwich place until after we posted the article. But thanks for the heads up!

    • Sorry, I wrote this post and didn’t realize the sandwich place was the Larkin place, I dont get to Larkin often (or ever)…

  2. Square 1 Sandwiches isn’t mobile that I know of and I believe they’re closed for the season as well.

  3. Co-work Buffalo has a pretty cool page as well: http://coworkbuffalo.com/food/

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