Food Porn: Sinatra’s Trilogy

Since we’ve been doing this site for so long, we rarely try a new restaurant without hearing/reading someone’s opinion of it first. Sinatra’s Trilogy on Kenmore Ave is no different. Over the years we’ve heard polarizing opinions of everything from the food to the crowd. So when we made our reservations for a Saturday night, we had no idea what exactly to expect.

Immediately after we walked inside I realized this was definitely an ‘old school’ Italian restaurant. From the decor, to the uniforms of the staff. to the “dress code enforced” sign that you see immediately once walking in, this place definitely has a specific vibe. This a restaurant where regulars know the bartender, know the waitresses and probably have a favorite table. It’s also mostly an older crowd;  Alli and I were the youngest couple (by far) in the dining room and actually felt a little self conscious about taking our cell phones out to take pictures. All of that being said, we were still excited to try their food since we had heard a lot of positive things.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Upscale Italian
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Location: North Buffalo
  • Prices: Appetizers $10, Entrees $20+

I noticed the bartender looked like the real deal, so I decided to order a Negroni (gallery) and was not disappointed with the well balanced classic cocktail. After a couple pieces of warm bread that were served with a really sweet sauce and pepper salsa, we tried their greens and sausage as an appetizer. The sausage was juicy with a good flavor but I think I enjoyed the greens in the dish even more. The bitterness mixed with a little bit of oily fat from the sausage was damn tasty.

For our main courses, Alli ordered some ravioli’s with meatballs (above) while I ordered the much hyped braciole with a side of spaghetti (gallery). Alli enjoyed her ravioli’s, the meatballs were tender and she was a fan of their sweet sauce. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing and definitely won’t take the place of meals her favorite red-sauce establishments (Tina’s, Marcos). I ordered the braciole because I had several people recommend the dish. I’ve never had it before and wasn’t sure what to expect. The two rolls of pork were filled with cheese, seasonings and other fillings. I thought the meat on the exterior was dry and bland, while the fillings were definitely full of a lot of flavor but had some interesting textures. Unfortunately, I was not a huge fan. The side of spaghetti, however, was cooked perfectly al-dente and had a really nice bite. I made sure to finish almost the entire bowl, the portion sizes are large and filling.

The menu at Sinatra’s has your normal red sauce favorites with a couple Italian specialties (braciole, escargo) mixed in. The service was friendly and attentive and we walked out decently satisfied with the overall experience. That said, thee menu is more on the expensive side and the fine-dining aspects and ‘old school’ feel of the restaurant isn’t exactly our scene. Considering we just had an amazing meal at Ristorante Lombardo (post coming soon) with a more progressive/innovative Italian menu, and that we can get fantastic red sauce dishes at Marco’s (for less $), it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to Sinatra’s anytime soon. But for the right type of crowd looking for a specific dining experience, I could also see how Sinatra’s might be a good option.

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  • January 10, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Can’t wait for review of Lombardo’s. Had a fabulous lunch with an old friend before Christmas that was outstanding in my opinion. Cathybytheriver


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