Eat It Up: Episode 49 – 2012 Wrap Up with Christa Glennie Seychew (Part 2)


We started our 2012 Year End coverage this week and we’re continuing with a couple special podcasts. Last month we had our first podcast guest Christa Glennie Seychew come back to the studio to sum up 2012 in terms of Buffalo’s dining scene. We talked about the area’s biggest stories, important restaurant openings, lament on some restaurant closings and just talk about the awesome-ness of 2012. Since our podcast went so long, we decided to split the episode into two parts.

On part 2, we talked about some key restaurant closings and reminisce about they’ll be missed and what they did for Buffalo’s scene, Buffalo’s new underground dining club Omakase, IN: the new bi-weekly industry night held at Seabar (and that is open to the public( and the newly created Nickel City Chef Firing Line along with other Feed Your Soul Productions.

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