Quick Bites: Donut Kraze & Brennan’s Bowery Bar

When we visited Dickie’s Donuts in January of 2011, we had no idea that only a couple months later the donut shop would shut down. Luckily we don’t live too far away from Paula’s Donuts which are arguably the best in Buffalo and always do the trick. But within months the shop re-opened by the former manager as Donut Kraze (for legal/cost reasons) and continued to offer donuts 24/7 and even some lunch options.

Aside from the new sign, the building and interior are almost exactly the same. When my brother Tom and I went inside just a couple weeks ago, the restaurant had just been struck by a car and there was a noticeable hole in the front. On both visits we noticed that the wall of donuts was almost completely full, in fact whenever Alli and I drive by the shop we always notice a lot of donuts on the shelf. It’s made me worry about the ‘fresh-ness’ of these donuts but for the most part we’ve had mostly good experiences.

Their donut selection falls somewhere between the standard offering of Wegmans and Tops and the creative and unique selection you’d see at Paula’s. Some of the stand outs were the Banana Creme, Peanut Butter and Jelly and the Raspberry Jelly Stick. The Banana Creme custard filling had a pretty strong banana flavor with a really nice custard texture. The PB&J donut basically had peanut butter frosting with actual peanuts on top and a thick, sweet raspberry jelly inside. I tried that same raspberry filling in their jelly filled donut stick which was a fry cake style donut with a crunchy exterior.

Paula’s will always be our go to donut shop, but a constant supply (something Paula isn’t the best at) and a really convenient location right off the 190 means that we’ll probably stop by again, we just aren’t going to plan a Sunday around it.

A long time ago, my Dad and I visited Brennan’s during restaurant week but I never managed to write about our experience. It wasn’t because we had a horrible meal, but instead it was due to a combination of waiting way too long to write the article and having sub-par pictures. We decided to go back last weekend when I found myself in the Williamsville area with my Dad and we were looking for a place to grab a late night dinner and specifically a restaurant with good wings (my Dad’s lives out of town and needed his fix).

On a Friday night, we found a half full dining room and a very busy bar area. The interior design looks much closer to a South Buffalo pub then anything you’d find in a suburban plaza. The wooden booths and checkered walls, pub food menu and above average beer list all made me feel at home. To start my meal, I ordered the potato soup, which was delicious but didn’t resemble as ‘soup’ per se, there really wasn’t any actual “broth”. The mug was loaded with peppers, onions and pieces of potato and was a perfect appetizer to order in the middle of December. My Dad and I also ordered some chicken wings and chicken fingers. I’ve talked to a lot of people who love their wings but I can’t say they were anything extraordinary. Maybe if I lived in the area, I’d maybe order them for take-out but I can’t see Alli and I making any special trips. They have a large menu with burgers, beef on weck and many WNY pub classics.

The restaurant is an enjoyable, low key place to hang out and grab a drink and order some wings with family or friends. I could definitely watch a Sabres or Bills game there with some friends, the bar area is definitely large enough to fit a good amount of people and it’s the perfect atmosphere. If their beer menu was just a little bit more exotic and larger, I’d seriously contemplate going out to eat there on a more regular basis.

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