Eat It Up: Episode 47 – Beth Manos Brickey (Tasty Yummies)

I first found out about Beth Manos Brickey because of Hero Design, a fantastic design company that her and husband Mark started in 2003. We reached out to both of them in 2010 to be part of our Buffalo Foodie series and I soon realized that Beth was not only a fantastic designer but an avid food blogger. Beth’s food blog Tasty Yummies features recipes that are mostly gluten free, dairy free and without processed and/or packaged foods. Her pictures and recipes are fantastic and even approachable for some amateur home cooks. We invited Beth to the studio to talk about the start of her diet and blog, the gluten free blogging community and the benefits of her current diet. Her husband Mark was on the couch too and you’ll occasionally hear him give his opinions on fast food (aka prostitutes), changing his diet and food guilt.

Record Date: 10/22/12

Show Notes:

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