Interview: Well Worn Boot


Our friends at BuffaBLOG are throwing their 2nd Annual Holiday Party on December 15th at DBGB’s and their lineup this year is pretty fantastic. Since we’re big fans of several of the acts ourselves, we decided to a little collaboration and run a couple Buffalo Foodie articles with the Buffalo bands that are performing at the show. Additionally, our podcasts leading up to the show will also feature music from the featured bands, so check those out too!

Well Worn Boot is an interesting band to say the least. When Mac from BuffaBLOG told me about this band being added to their Holiday Show, he said their live performances are crazy. He wasn’t kidding, just take a look at a couple of their YouTube videos for yourself. The band is composed of The Plainsmen, The Baby Buckingham (bassist), The Horse (guitarist) and a drummer. If you’d like to find our more about the band, I highly suggest you read their story on their website. We reached out to the band about their favorite eats in the area and The Plainsmen (singer) answered on behalf of the band, here’s what he had to say…

Right now, where are your favorite places to eat in Buffalo?

WWB: Primarily we like the upscale joints. Russell’s is usually a good choice but the cooks get a little indulgent sometimes. The Horse has been on this whole Greek kick lately, which is getting pretty annoying, but some of the places like that in town aren’t bad. I kind of live near Sweetness. Anywhere that’s got a decent headlight. If anything, this town is too customer-oriented. I want a waiter that will openly refuse a woman that requests a “dippy-egg.” I actually heard some chick ask that the other day. It’s vague terminology. Who’s interpreting? Me? You? I’ll give ya a “dippy-egg,” baby. Comin’ right up.

What are some food memories from your childhood?

WWB: It’s tough thinkin’ back that far really. We get incredibly drunk. The Baby always tells this story about getting great sausage links at the flea-market. They curl them up like it’s a snake or something, ya know? I remember this one time when I was a kid, dipping my toes in a nice roux. Also being in this wax museum, and them having some kind of enormous wax pot-roast. We all got a kick out of that.

What would you like to see more of in Buffalo’s food scene?

WWB: As previously stated, I’m in favor of a departure from the prissy, customer-oriented ideals that embody many of the establishments of this town. For example, I’d like to open a restaurant (and if any of you investors out there have interest in this idea, I’d encourage you to contact me) called The Cuban Missile Crisis, dedicated to serving super hot submarine sandwiches within a tense historical context. There would be lots of iconic 50’s imagery. But none of that gloss bologna… “Rock till You Drop,” “Jack Rabbit Slims,” gum-ball machines, None of that.

Several times throughout the day, we’d have bomb scares, where everyone would be forced by bawking waiters to hide under the table and pray for their life. Really, it’d be more of an immersive historical experience than an actual restaurant. Most people would get sandwiches. But I mean… We wouldn’t be able to promise anything.

Other that that, I suppose I’d like the restaurants in town to do a better job of promoting our upcoming EP/Comic, entitiled “Fully Torqued,” due out early 2013.


We’d like to thank The Plainsmen for taking time to answer our questions. You can hear a couple tracks from Well Worn Boot on today’s podcast with Beth Manos Brickey, otherwise you can see them perform live at BuffaBLOG’s Holiday Show on December 15th.

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