Sir Kensington’s Fancy Ketchup is Fancy

I’ve said this before, but we get some interesting food products mailed to our house. Our most recent package contained a couple jars of Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup and I’ll be honest, I was pretty pumped. I’ve been a big ketchup fan for years, in elementary school I would bring ketchup sandwiches for lunch (yes, I know it’s gross).

The day we received a couple jars I had just picked up a couple wieners from Spar’s and was looking forward to trying out this fancy ketchup with some fancy hot dogs. Both the Spiced and Classic flavors have a much thicker texture then your average ketchup, it’s much closer to a tomato sauce. They both have a sweet taste but the spiced also had a little pepper-y kick, however it wasn’t that strong. The Classic wasn’t that different then your normal ketchup, but occasionally I found a little piece of something inside and the flavor was slightly more complex. The Spiced flavor had a darker, burnt flavor and tasted more like a chili sauce then a ketchup.

If you think you’d like to try this fancy, 100% all natural and gluten free ketchup; then head to your closest Wegmans or the William Sonoma in the Galleria Mall. The jars should cost around $7 a piece (judging by their online prices) but they taste way better then any ketchup I’ve bought from a store.

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