Interview: Dr. Ooo

Our friends at BuffaBLOG are throwing their 2nd Annual Holiday Party on December 15th at DBGB’s and their lineup this year is pretty fantastic. Since we’re big fans of several of the acts ourselves, we decided to a little collaboration and run a couple Buffalo Foodie articles with the Buffalo bands that are performing at the show. Additionally, our podcasts leading up to the show will also feature music from the featured bands, so check those out too!

This week we have local emcee Dr. Ooo talking to us about his favorite places to eat in Buffalo. This summer Dr. Ooo has been pretty busy. He released his own single “Windstar” and along with Sammy Booms, they released a single “Still Guessin” under their group Kinda Like Dreamin. When I received his answers in my inbox, I was really excited to see that he really knows his stuff regarding food and found out that he’s on a track where he speaks about his love for Lloyd Taco Truck, so naturally he’s a perfect fit for a Buffalo Foodie article. Here’s what he had to say….

Right now, what’s your favorite place to eat in Buffalo?

Dr. Ooo:  One place that im a huge fan of right now is Bistro Europa. Small quaint little place contains probably only about six or seven tables with a small bar but the food is SLAMMIN. Really solid beer selection, and most of their ingredients are fresh/local…..not to mention the work they do with pork is heavenly. My favorite appetizer is their charcuterie board. Some of the best tasting meats Ive had in the city. My favorite entree has to be the Bolognese. Just reeeeally delicious. The pulled pancetta that they top it with is something I’ve never had in a bolognese and its really fantastic.

What are some food memories you have from growing up in WNY?

Dr. Ooo: As a kid I remember a lot of pasta, which I’m not mad at. I think its one of the reasons I love trying new pasta dishes that I see at various restaurants. My dad is a great cook and has always had a passion for food. It’s great being able to try new dishes he conjures up. I’ll always have a soft spot for Chefs restaurant. It was one of my family’s favorite places to go and I will NEVER get sick of the Spaghetti Parm.

What would you like to see more of in Buffalo’s dining scene?

Dr. Ooo: One thing I would like to see more of in the Buffalo dining scene is authentic Asian cuisine. My friend RnB P introduced me to a place called Peking Quick One that has delicious authentic Chinese food [Buffalo Eats edit: we have a Food Porn on Peking Quick One coming tomorrow]. They have an English menu and a Chinese [homestyle] menu which he ordered off of for us and the food was like nothing I had every had,  it was dynamite. I would like to see more of that authentic style Asian food in the city. I think it would open people up to a style of food that is foreign to them.


We’d like to thank Dr. Ooo for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a couple questions about his favorite places to eat in Buffalo. If you haven’t already, we also highly recommend going to Peking Quick One and ordering off their ‘Homestyle’ menu (and check out our review tomorrow). Make sure you head to the BuffaBLOG Holiday Party on December 15th to see him perform with Mic Excel and follow Dr. Ooo on twitter for the latest on new releases and performances.

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