Where to Eat This Weekend: Food Truck Rodeo

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There are a lot of places to eat in WNY and sometimes deciding where to head for a meal is overwhelming. Where to Eat This Weekend is a weekly feature that we have been thinking about for a while. While having 100′s of detailed reviews of restaurants to pick from is wonderful, sometimes having someone narrow down your choices makes your life a bit easier. A new Where to Eat This Weekend will be posted every Friday with the sole purpose of helping you decide where to eat and hopefully introduce you to a few new places that are worth checking out. The posts will have a new ‘theme’ each week. we will pick a town (i.e. East Aurora, Orchard Park), cuisine (Thai, Mexican) or street (Hertel, Kenmore Ave) and give you a list of all of the notable places to eat/drink within that theme along with links to websites and our reviews as well as a few quick descriptions (price, type of food, etc). Past posts focused on East Aurora, AllentownVietnamese cuisine, “Unique” Chicken Wings and Seasonal Hot Dog Stands.

This week we recommend you stop by the Food Truck Rodeo at the Eastern Hills Mall on Saturday from noon to 4pm. If you are already shopping in the area this Saturday, then eating at any of the 9 food trucks that will be parked outside the Williamsville mall is a no brain-er. We understand that not everyone wants to drive to a mall parking lot this weekend, but this is a rare opportunity to have your choice of 9 different food trucks while helping to raise money for Meals on Wheels. Here’s our recommendations for what you could order from the 9 trucks…

So..where should you eat this weekend? The Food Truck Rodeo at the Eastern Hills Mall!

The Trucks

  • Lloyd Taco Trucks – You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. If they are running any special tacos, then order whatever it is. In recent weeks they’ve had some very creative specials, otherwise their loaded nachos (go with pork) are an incredible bang for your buck.
  • Roaming Buffalo – Known for their delicious and crazy burger creations and a menu featuring classic Buffalo comfort food, we can’t recommend their WTF Burger or their Buffalo Balls enough. If you can, order something with their signature bacon jam on top.

  • The Sweet Hearth – Really tasty desserts, we’d recommend grabbing something at the end of your shopping trip and bring it back to the house as a treat for making it out alive.
  • The Cheesy Chick – The have several grilled cheese options which are always great on a cold day, we really enjoy their tomato soup and their nutella dessert panini.
  • Knight Slider – One of the newer Buffalo food trucks, they specialize in small sliders. If the Eggsplosion is on the menu, we suggest you order it and get a little messy.

  • Amy’s Truck – Buffalo’s first food truck that really caters to the vegan crowd, they also have several tasty Lebanese options for meat lovers. The Margie Meal or Wet Shoes are both cheap and relatively healthy options.
  • R&R BBQ – Big, hearty BBQ sandwiches (pulled pork, Buffalo chicken) with sides featuring southern comfort food (mac and cheese, chili).
  • The Whole Hog – The truck has been missing in action lately but when they make an appearance they usually have some good specials running, with fresh and healthy ingredients.
  • The Rolling Joe – Don’t make that trip to Starbucks and grab a cup of coffee at the Rolling Joe instead.

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