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I can’t say I was that excited when I heard about Brick House coming to Buffalo. From the beginning, the only things I read and heard about was the “it’s for men!” theme with leather recliners,  PBR and waitresses that had a “Hooters-esque” quality to them. We received an email about coming down to the restaurant and checking it out for ourselves when they first opened, but we never took up the offer. However, in the last couple of weeks I’ve been to the restaurant and bar twice for happy hours and considering that we haven’t written a Bar Hopping post in a couple months, I felt it was a good time to write a new one.

The restaurant is pretty big with several different sections; there’s a wide open dining room with couch-booths, some elevated tables (seen below) where you can eat and stand around, some leather chairs to sit down and watch TV and a large bar. On both of our trips we hung out at their bar, it’s a large square bar with plenty of seating and televisions facing in every direction. The beer taps hang down from the ceiling (something I’ve never seen before). Didn’t seem like an incredibly efficient system but the design looks neat.

Their drink menu is pretty impressive, they have over 30 beers on tap, a decent bottle selection, cocktails, beer themed cocktails and even a beer on cask. On my second visit I wanted to try their Flying Bison beer on cask but they unfortunately were all out, so I opted for a Guinness/Angry Orchid Cider mix (pictured above) that was on their “Beer With A Kick” menu. Full disclosure, I’m not a big fan of Guinness but I was hoping the cider was going to give the drink a kick of flavor. It probably would have benefited from a stronger and more flavorful hard cider and was kind of bland so on my other visits I stuck to some of the craft beers that were available on tap

They have some interesting and fun options on their drink menu, you can drink $2 PBR’s (which I did) and Natty Ice’s all night or get yourself a pickle-back shot (Jameson and pickle juice) for an expensive price of $7. While they have 30 beers on tap, a pretty good chunk of those beers are different variations of big name beers like Bud/Coors/Labatt. They aren’t going to compete with the selection down the street at MacGregors but a beer fan can definitely find something to drink.

Our service on both visits was a bit inconsistent. With two bartenders working on our most recent visit, they were having a little trouble getting everyone’s order while also pouring drinks for servers. Later on in the evening when the crowd wasn’t as big, it was definitely easier to get someone’s attention. Any comparisons to Hooters are greatly exaggerated; the staff do not dress in ridiculous outfits and besides from Brick House’s “Man Show” atmosphere, there are no similarities between the two restaurant chains.

I plan to stick to frequenting locally owned bares but if I needed to go back in the future (for another work happy hour probably) I wouldn’t mind having a couple drinks at Brick House and watching some type of sporting event. I didn’t try the food (and don’t ever plan too) but their menu but it has some interesting options like chicken and waffles, a wagyu beef burger and some serious snacks (deviled eggs, soft pretzels, etc).

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One thought on “Bar Hopping: Brick House Tavern & Tap

  • November 21, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    The waitresses have changed their attire since they first opened. I recall going there right after they opened and it was cold/snowy outside and the girls were all wearing extremely short shorts and cut-off tops. It was rather awkward. Now, they’re wearing jeans and normal t-shirts which is much better.

    The food there has been rather bland when I have visited, but it’s OK for a happy hour beer or two.


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