Eat It Up: Episode 45 – Brian Perry (Perry’s Ice Cream)

Growing up in WNY, most people have fond childhood memories eating Perry’s Ice Cream. You probably have a quart in your freezer right now and have enjoyed it at any of a wide variety of ice cream stands throughout the city. So when we were contacted by Perry’s Ice Cream to be a part of their Insider Scoop program and try new seasonal flavors, we were very excited. A couple weeks later we ended up driving to Akron to tour the Perry’s Ice Cream plant in person and recording a podcast with Perry’s Executive Vice President Brian Perry (a 4th generation Perry family member). We talked to Brian about the ice cream industry, the story of Perry’s from their humble beginnings to where the are today, and their role in bringing Utz potato chips to Buffalo. We’d like to thank Elena for setting up the interview and making this podcast possible.

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