Buffalo Foodies: Lazlo Hollyfeld

Our friends at BuffaBLOG are throwing their 2nd Annual Holiday Party on December 15th at DBGB’s and their lineup this year is pretty fantastic. Since we’re big fans of several of the bands ourselves, we decided to a little collaboration and run a couple Buffalo Foodie articles with the Buffalo bands that are performing at the show. Additionally, the podcasts leading up to the show will also feature music from the featured bands, so check those out too!

This week we have the experimental instrumental act Lazlo Hollyfeld, who’s been playing in the area for over ten years. I’m embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t too familiar with the band before the BuffaBLOG announcement, but since finding their music on Spotify (which is awesome) I have been listening non-stop. Their music is currently my favorite soundtrack when writing new blog posts, the instrumental tracks can be atmospheric or almost aggressive. I reached out to Lazlo Hollyfeld and got a hold of their bassist Chris Gangarossa (who answered on behalf of the band) and ask them about their favorite places to eat in WNY, here’s what he had to say…

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Buffalo, right now?

LH: Kuni’s is the best restaurant in Buffalo, let’s just get that out of the way. Wiechec’s Lounge in Kaisertown (on Clinton) has the best dinners, best fish fry, and they have a sandwich called the Bronx Bomber (steak sandwich with a hot stuffed pepper on top) that’s the best sandwich in Buffalo. Wiechec’s also has the best homemade soups around. Kentucky Greg’s in Depew has the best BBQ, by far… Lazlo ate there before a gig once, and we could barely play the show do to the food coma we were in. Kentucky Greg’s baked beans are so smokey and good. I’m salivating thinking about them.

What are some food memories you have from growing up in WNY?

LH: We all ate at Taco Bell exclusively when we were kids. We are glad our taste buds have matured. I’m so old I remember when Wendy’s served hot dogs.

What would you like to see more of in Buffalo’s restaurant scene?

LH: Buffalo’s dining scene needs more access to GOOD food late at night. We need more late night options. ETS and Jim’s Steakout aren’t cutting it. Ever eat a Stinger from Jim’s Steakout? Totally disgusting and shouldn’t be consumed by humans. And how much pizza can one person eat? Late night Thai food would be sweet. Buffalo needs a late night place where you can go, most likely drunk, and eat healthy and tasty food. Ashkers on Elmwood is a step in the right direction, but they aren’t open late enough, IMHO…


We’d like to thank Chris and the other guys at Lazlo Hollyfeld for answering our questions and we highly recommend that you check their albums on Spotify or hear a couple of their tracks on this weeks podcast with Brian Perry. Otherwise you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter and of course see them perform live on December 15th at DBGB’s for only $5!

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