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I’ve driven by Sushi Time countless times and I can’t say I ever felt a strong urge to visit the restaurant. A combination of the lackluster exterior and the generic name didn’t really entice me to try it out. But Alli and I decided to visit the restaurant for lunch last week in the busy Getzville Plaza. The inside of the restaurant is pretty cute but like the other restaurants in the plaza, very small with just a sushi bar and a couple tables.

We were lucky enough to grab the last table remaining in the restaurant, which was impressive for 12:30pm on a Monday. You simply go up to the counter and place your order, grab your own drink and then they bring the food right to your table. Their lunch menu and specials are incredibly cheap. I ordered the the Chicken Katsu Box (below, $7) while Alli ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Entree (gallery, ~$5) and we split the Spicy Crunch Crab Roll (below, $4).

Quick Info:

All of our orders came with a bowl of Miso Soup that had a nice flavor but had to be mixed pretty regularly. The ‘boxes” at Sushi Time come with a California roll, shumai and salad, while the “entrees” come with rice and vegetables. My Chicken Katsu box was pretty impressive for the price ($7). The two small shumai dumplings were packed with flavor, the salad had a nice dressing and the California roll was very fresh. The star of the dish was the katsu; the chicken was incredibly juicy and the outer panko breading was applied light enough that each bite had a nice crunch without being too greasy.

Alli’s Chicken Teriyaki entree was also pretty good. The chicken was still juicy with a nice crisp exterior. Not the best version of the dish she’s ever had, but good enough for her to finish the entire serving. The spicy crunchy crab roll that we split was as good as a spicy crunchy crab roll with imitation crab could be. It was freshly made, though, which is better than grabbing a pre-made version at a grocery store. The entire lunch experience was very quick and efficient, all together roughly 30 minutes. Anyone who is looking for a quick sushi/Japanese lunch, would really enjoy the simplicity and speed of the restaurant.

Their other lunch menu options range from Udon, Sushi, Sashimi and Tempura Vegetables and most of them have the option of ‘box’ or ‘entree’ style. I don’t get cravings for sushi regularly, but when I do I’ll probably try out more of Sushi Time’s menu. The combination of fresh food, large portion sizes and really cheap prices definitely won me over.

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