Where to Eat This Weekend: Burgers!

Blackened Blue Burger at Founding Fathers

There are a lot of places to eat in WNY and sometimes deciding where to head for a meal is overwhelming. Where to Eat This Weekend is a weekly feature that I (Alli) have been thinking about for a while. I’m incredibly indecisive and while having 100′s of detailed reviews of restaurants to pick from is wonderful, sometimes having someone narrow down your choices makes your life a bit easier. A new Where to Eat This Weekend will be posted every Friday with the sole purpose of helping you decide where to eat and hopefully introduce you to a few new places that are worth checking out. The posts will have a new ‘theme’ each week. I will pick a town (i.e. East Aurora, Orchard Park), cuisine (Thai, Mexican) or street (Hertel, Kenmore Ave) and give you a list of all of the notable places to eat/drink within that theme along with links to websites and our reviews as well as a few quick descriptions (price, type of food, etc). Past posts focused on East Aurora AllentownVietnamese cuisine , “Unique” Chicken WingsKenmore Ave and Seasonal Hot Dog Stands.

This week we are recommending restaurants in Western New York that offer a good burger. After posting suggestions about grabbing something healthy and animal friendly, it seemed only natural to follow that up with some good ‘ole red meat. Buffalo’s known for some pretty good pub food and you can find a good burger in fine dining restaurants as well as most neighborhood dives. If you’d like another opinion, I highly suggest Buffalo Spree’s “Burger Battle” from Summer 2011 or their recent Cheap Eats article on burgers. If you really want to take your love of burgers to the next level, you can also check out the Hamburger of the Month Club. This group has been together for years and have tried burgers from all over the city. You can also check out the most recent Weekly Yelp for their selections of Buffalo’s best burgers.

Here’s a couple of our favorite burgers in Buffalo…

So..where what should you eat this weekend? Burgers!

Notable Restaurants

Mini F**k California Burger

Mike A’s F**k California Burger is served only in their lounge. It has only been available for a couple months but is already one of my favorite burgers in Buffalo. Made up of freshly ground beef and topped with foie gras (hence the name) and onion relish…ketchup shouldn’t come within 30 feet of this burger. At $19, this burger is the most expensive on our list, but completely worth it. The burger (and the rest of the lounge menu) is a very affordable and incredibly delicious and everyone in Buffalo should take a trip downtown to see what’s going on at Buffalo’s best new restaurant.

When Blue Monk opened in 2010, it was Buffalo’s first true gastropub. The restaurant and bar has become a huge success since, with the best beer menu in Buffalo and a delicious dinner menu as well. They’re most known for their beer and duck fries, but their Blue Monk Burger (8oz of prime beef topped with Ommegang Abbey Ale caramelized onions and smokey blue cheese) is something you should definitely check out. While you can find similar options down the street at Coles, Blue Monk’s is always top notch.

When we finally visited the small Kenmore Ave. dive last year, we understood why they’ve gotten so much hype. They serve food in ridiculous portions for incredibly affordable prices. Podcast producer Tom still thinks about their burger and craves it on a regular basis.

Founding Fathers is definitely not brought up on a regular basis when people talk about Buffalo’s best burger, but it should be. At the moment it’s our favorite go-to late night snack. We may be a little biased with our love for Founding Fathers, but their Blackened Blue Burger is basically perfect. Cooked on a grill, with a sesame seed bun and covered in blue cheese dressing, it truly is fantastic cheap eats.

Burger from Ruzzine’s

We’ve heard arguments from people who absolutely love both Grover’s or Ruzzine’s Rock Bottom Eatery. They are located across the street from one another and are both considered to have the best burger in Buffalo. We tried both of their burgers and we enjoyed both meals. Ruzzine’s burger we’ve tried more recently and really enjoy the simplicity; Grover’s was much larger and had some really flavorful toppings. Thanks to Guy Fieri, Grover’s can get pretty busy and involve long wait times (and they don’t take cash), in comparison Ruzzine’s is still more under the radar.

When we visited Sterling Place Tavern it was a near disaster with incredibly long wait times and messed up orders. When we finally got our burger it was great, although at the time we were so upset that we couldn’t really enjoy ourselves. Several foodie fans that we know absolutely love this restaurant and think their burgers are the best without question. We’ve wanted to go back and try the place again but haven’t had time. They have a great beer selection and apparently a really good fish fry, but if you plan on going for dinner, be prepared to wait.

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