Recap from Nickel City Cupcake Challenge!

Yesterday the first Nickel City Cupcake Challenge took place at the Artisan Ktichens and Bath, three local chefs/business owners competed against one another. The challengers were Justina Adams (The Buffalo Cakery), Gen Perryman (The Cupcake Orchard) and Kelly Audette (Fairy Cakes). The challengers had to prepare their own “signature” cupcake and then use a secret ingredient (Fenton’s Farm Pumpkins) to prepare a 2nd cupcake within 45 minutes for the judges. Our own Alli Suriani was one of the judges for the event, along with Brian Donaghy from the Criollo Group and Chef Mark Mistriner from the Niagara Culinary Institute.

For their signature cupcakes (pictured above): Justina from The Buffalo Cakery prepared a French Toast cupcake, Gen from The Cupcake Orchard prepared a White Chocolate Cranberry cupcake and Kelly from Fairy Cakes prepared a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cupcake. After the first round the judges awarded Gen with the highest score, with Kelly and Justina finishing second and third, respectively.

The challengers then had to break down and cook a full pumpkin within the 45 min time constraint. Justina Adams prepared a cupcake that featured brown butter with salted caramel frosting, Gen’s used maple syrup and cinnamon cream cheese frosting topped with pumpkin seeds and Kelly’s cupckake included Flying Bison’s Bisonfest. After deliberations from the judges and the total scores were tallied; Gen Perryman from The Cupcake Orchard took home the grand prize with a score of 245.

Feed Your Soul (the company who produces these events) also has a couple more challenges this month, Nickel City Firing Line is WNY’s take on the popular Food Network Show Chopped. The first challenge is Wednesday (Nov 7th) with a second challenge the following Wednesday on November 14th, tickets are just $32 and we highly highly suggest you check them out!

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