Quick Bites: Pizza Plant and La Porta’s Pizzeria

A couple years ago, Alli and I traveled to Williamsville to try out Pizza Plant. Buffalo Eats was still very young and I had just recently found out about their unique pods and craft beer selection. We had a nice meal but ended up taking absolutely horrible pictures (pre-flash iPhone) and never wrote about our experience. It took us a couple years but during this fall’s Restaurant Week, Alli and I decided to drive out to the Main Street location in the Tony Walker plaza to hopefully recapture the experience.

We passed on their Restaurant Week special and decided to order Pizza Plant’s signature Pods instead. For these who aren’t familiar, their pods are basically calzones with a wide variety of fillings. On this trip, Alli ordered the Wingy Dingy Pod while I tried the Chicken Souvlaki Pod (above). The Wingy Dingy pod included breaded chicken breast, ricotta and mozzarella in a creamy marinara wing sauce with cayenne and blue cheese. Alli enjoyed the chicken and the sauce but would have probably preferred just a hot sauce and blue cheese combination, marinara sauce and blue cheese created an odd flavor. I ordered the souvlaki pod on the recommendation of my former co-worker Sue and I’m glad I did, it was fantastic. The pod was loaded with marinated shredded chicken, feta, more marinate (oil, spices), raw onion and some tomato and then served with a side salad with tomato, kalamata olives and more feta.  The pod itself is the right balance of crispy outer crust and just enough chewiness inside and I really liked the strong vinegar based marinade that was all throughout the filling. Adding a couple bites of tomato on each fork helped balance out the flavors nicely; I quickly devoured the entire pod.

We only had an incredibly small sampling of Pizza Plant’s menu, but I would still recommend it. They are very accommodating to vegetarians and vegans and the Transit Rd location offers Glutten-Free Wednesdays after 4pm. Beer lovers will enjoy their selection and occasional on cask offerings.

I’ve been on a mission lately to try and find places to eat on my lunch break at work that I haven’t tried yet. My list has a couple cheap sushi restaurants, some pubs, an Indian place and a couple pizzerias. La Porta’s is located in Dash’s plaza of W Klein is pretty cute and reminds me many other Buffalo pizzerias that I’ve eaten at since a child. The dining room seats about 20 and the restaurant was very busy during lunch time.

On both of my visits I ordered their lunch special, two slices and a drink for ~$6. On my first lunch I ordered slices of pepperoni and chicken finger (pictured above), the later was highly recommended on foursquare. The slices were finished in their pizza oven and then brought over to the table. La Porta’s slices reminded me more of the homemade pizza my mom would make rather than pizza I’ve tried in restaurants. The bottom had a thin but crunchy crust with a little sprinkling of cornmeal, the tomato sauce was very savory rather then sweet. Personally, I prefer a fluffy and chewy crust with a sweeter tomato sauce (aka Bocce). The chicken finger pizza was more enjoyable, with a light amount of blue cheese instead of tomato sauce topped with breaded chicken. The slice had a little spiciness but I would have liked a stronger blue cheese flavor.

On my second visit I tried slices of their meatball parm pizza and white pizza. The white pizza was topped with spinach, tomato, mozzarella and ricotta (gallery). The meatball had a thicker marinara-like sauce that provided some extra kick to the pizza but it still had the crunchy crust. The white pizza, however, was very salty and dry due to the lack of any sauce and thus not very enjoyable.

While their style of pizza isn’t exactly my thing, I still enjoyed the meatball parm and chicken finger slices. I’m sure their freshly ordered pizza has a better flavor and texture but with Bocce Pizza so close, I’m not sure I’ll be going back for another lunch.

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One thought on “Quick Bites: Pizza Plant and La Porta’s Pizzeria

  • October 31, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    LaPorta’s is kind of like a halfway point between New York City style thin-crust and Buffalo style doughy crust. I like both kinds, by the way. I’m not closed-minded like most NYC area transplants. When you order slices at LaPorta’s, they reheat them in the pizza oven, like NYC style pizzerias, which results in the slight crispness on the crust. If you prefer the crust softer, you might want to try their take-out.


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