Free Stuff Wrap-up: Veggie Patch, Tribe Hummus and Carapelli Olive Oil

As we mentioned earlier last week, we occasionally get some pretty cool free stuff. Over the last couple of weeks and months we’ve received a couple products from various companies. It’s been a while but we are finally getting around to writing up our thoughts. We tried some Carapelli Olive Oil, Tribe Hummus and Veggie Patch’s Falafel Balls, here’s what we thought.

Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. When I was asked about trying Carapelli’s Olive Oil, I wasn’t sure what we would say or how we’d “test it out”. I had just heard about Extra Virginity (a book about the scandalous world of Olive Oil, highly recommend checking it out) and suddenly didn’t trust any bottle sold in a supermarket. Carapelli’s website states they strive to make the highest quality of olive oil with using cold first pressings, dark bottles to protect the oil and having a ‘state of the art’ facility. We’ve had the bottle for about two months now and have been using the olive oil in our cooking and occasionally for dipping bread. We’ve been very happy with the oil it has a strong, floral taste. It’s a much stronger flavor then the cheaper oil’s we’ve bought at local super markets and if we didn’t have D’Avolio nearby. I’d probably purchase it for home use again in the future.

Tribe Roasted Garlic Hummus. We received a couple coupons for Tribe Hummus and I had my choice of what to try when I visited Wegmans. The Amherst St location in Black Rock has a pretty large selection to choose from and I decided to try their Roasted Garlic flavor. When I opened up the package I immediately noticed the strong garlic smell and I was expecting my coworkers to notice the smell immediately. I had some tortilla chips near by and the salty corn chips with the sweet/garlic-y hummus was a pretty good combination. I’m not exactly a hummus aficionado, but I really liked the texture and strong flavor. Considering the other brands prices are near identical, I would definitely try out some more Tribe flavors.


Veggie Patch’s Falafel Chickpea Balls. Along with our free hummus samples, we also were given some coupons to try some Veggie Patch products. I generally never venture into the frozen, veggie section of the super market but was hoping that maybe I’ve been missing out. So when I looked over the various Veggie Patch frozen products at Tops (currently not sold Wegmans), I went with the most interesting product that I could find. I haven’t eaten a lot of Falafel in Buffalo, but enough that I could tell that their frozen/packaged version wasn’t that great. I topped the falafel with some locally made tzatiki sauce and even then my brother Tom and I couldn’t even finish a couple bites. I don’t like buying frozen/packaged foods in general, I’m sure there are plenty of people who enjoy Veggie Patch but it’s not for a meat lover like me.

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