Eat It Up: Episode 41 – Adam Kern (owner of My Buffalo Shirt)

Photo by Scarlet Noir Photographic

Buffalo Eats has been around for almost 4 years now and Adam Kern (owner of the local T-shirt company My Buffalo Shirt) has been one of our biggest supporters since the beginning. The three limited edition Buffalo Eats T-shirts that we’ve released have all been produced by My Buffalo Shirt and we’ve been very, very happy with all of them. My Buffalo Shirt produces a variety of Buffalo themed shirts that range from sports (Lacrosse, Football, Hockey) to cultures (Irish, Polish). We invited Adam over to the studio to talk about his start in the T-Shirt industry, how he’s developed his brand over the years, our shared love of beer and his experiences with home brewing and making wine.

If you’re interested in checking out Adam’s T Shirt designs in person, he’ll be at Christmas in the Country from November 1st to the 4th at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

Just a reminder, you can check out other great podcasts like the Late Nick MendolaBuffaBLOG RadioIn Pod FormCraft Beer TalkMovie Madness on Audio Buffalo. If you’re a fan of Buffalo Eats, please support our sponsor Buffalo’s Best Deal and get 50% off local restaurants without spending a dollar!

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