Quick Bite: B. Ferrante’s Specialty Italian Cookies and Pastry

UPDATE: Since writing this article, B Ferrante’s has closed.

I have no idea how I didn’t notice B Ferrante’s opening on Grant Street back in May; we’ve also somehow missed write ups on the new bakery on Land of the Peapodriot, The Buffalo Post and Buffalo Rising. So when Alli and I walked up on a Saturday afternoon, we thought that we were walking up to a relatively new bakery. With just a small chalkboard on the sidewalk and a small sign hanging in front of the store, it’s a little easier to understand how B Ferrante’s could get lost.

The bakery is located on the very hip stretch of Grant Street, right in between Sweet_ness 7 and Krudmart. The inside is fairly small, with almost all of their food presented in a small glass case. As their full name suggestions, they specialize in Italian pastries but you’ll also be able to find pies, old school Italian style pizza, seasonal treats and bread. When Alli and I stopped in for a visit we grabbed a variety of their baked foods and took them back home.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Bakery, Dessert Shop
  • Location: West Side
  • Cuisine: Bakery/Sweets
  • Prices: Everything Under $5

We brought home a couple sugar cookies that were cut into some festive shapes, a Neapolitan cookie, some ‘orange drop’ cookies and a slice of Apple pie (not pictured). The cut out cookies and Neapolitan cookies had some nice, strong flavors, but were a little dry and needed to be paired with a glass of milk. The drops I had were awesome all around, a really tasty orange flavor with a nice texture. I only grabbed four of them for $2, but in retrospect I wish I had grabbed twice as many.

The best item I had however was a slice of their apple pie. After heating up the slice of pie in the microwave for a couple seconds. it was perfect. The crust was fantastic, thick enough on the bottom to have a nice chew but still flaky on top. The apples were seasoned well with cinnamon and other spices and the ratio of fruit filling to crust was just right.

The location itself is really nice with exposed brick walls and a small seating area with some cool antique chairs. It’s not a shop that you’d hang out in, but it’s definitely a great place to stop by and grab a couple of treats on the go. Their hours are somewhat limiting, they are only open Wed-Sat until 4pm. I’m not sure I’d drive to Grant Street just for a trip to B Ferrante’s but whenever Alli and I are making our semi-regular stop at Guercio’s & Sons and Sweetness, it will now be added to our West Side rotation.

Photo Gallery:

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