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We’ve been hearing about a food truck coming from the owners of Amy’s Place for a couple months now, but it wasn’t until last Thursday that Amy’s Truck made it’s long awaited debut in Allentown. Before even serving a single item, Amy’s Truck has gained a following of over 1,500 on their facebook page. In the parking lot of El Buen Amigo, Alli and I waited in an impressive line for about 20 minutes to place our order. Luckily we live within a 1 minute walk from where the truck was parked, so we were able to bring the food back and take some pictures before it got cold.

Their menu is essentially a ‘greatest hits’ of Amy’s Place, half of the menu is geared towards their vegan/vegetarian crowd while the other half has several options featuring chicken, lamb and beef. Most of the dishes are various takes on Middle Eastern standards, you’ll find ingredients like Kafta, hummus and falafel on their menu.

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On future visits, Alli and I will mostly likely try some of their vegetarian options (since that’s what they’re known for) but for this particular visit we decided to order two of their chicken wraps. I ordered the Margie Meal (below); made up of charbroiled chicken, fajita fries, tomatoes, garlic spread and hot sauce in a pita wrap. Alli ordered a near identical wrap, the Chicken Kabob (gallery) that had all of the above ingredients but with regular (crinkle cut) fries and no hot sauce. Alli’s fries seemed to be more fresh than the ones in my wrap. She thought everything was delicious.

Both of the wraps were large and the chicken was juicy and tender. The fries weren’t very fresh but still warm and their garlic spread was fantastic. Each wrap was a pretty good deal for $7 and would make for great late night eats. We also split an order of Wet Shoes (above, top), which were also very tasty; curly fries topped with chili, cheese, and onions that would make for a fantastic drunken snack. I was assuming it would be a small side order of food, but the dish was very large and could have been a meal for one.

Since this was the first ever meal for the truck, I’ll give them a pass for some of the food not being super fresh (namely the fries); as with all of the food trucks we’ve visited, the first few days are rough as they are figuring how much food to make and how to time things perfectly with such a big line. But all three items that we ordered were very good and after we placed our orders we didn’t have to wait long at all to receive our food. It’s great to see a restaurant getting into the food truck business and with a menu that’s geared towards vegan/vegetarian offerings. While waiting in line we noticed the truck has their permit for the city of Buffalo, so we are looking forward to seeing them more in the Elmwood/Allen area soon.

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