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Kevin Purdy told me about Dogtown almost two years ago when we had a conversation about Lucky Dogs opening and he mentioned how awesome Rochester’s Dogtown was in comparison. It took me two years to finally understand what he, and other friends living in Rochester, were talking about. So when my brother and I were in Rochester to see Patton Oswalt at Kodak Hall last week, I thought it would be a good idea to stop by after the show.

Originally we thought about trying to get an ‘authentic’ Garbage Plate from Nick Tahou’s but we found out their downtown location closes at 8pm (which is ridiculous, especially on a Saturday night). When we realized that wasn’t going to happen we settled for a ‘Junkyard Dog Plate’ at Dogtown. On a normal visit I would have tried several of their unique hot dogs and toppings, but Tommy and I were in the mood for something specific.

Tommy and I both ordered split junkyard plates; each had one cheese burger with one hot dog and two sides. I ordered a split plate with macaroni salad and home fries (above, top), while Tommy ordered his plate with coleslaw and french fries (above, bottom). Both plates were also covered in Dogtown sauce (a beanless, Cinncinnati style chili) and diced raw onions (I also topped my plate with mustard). The plates were pretty damn big, especially considering each order only cost $7. While Tommy regretted his sides of coleslaw (a little too dry) and french fries (too big), we both absolutely loved the traditional sides of macaroni salad and home fries. The hot dogs weren’t Sahlens, they use Zweigle’s, but I couldn’t tell a big difference since each bite had a lot of other flavors going on. Overall, all of the textures and flavors just worked together wonderfully in the whole plate. This was my first garbage plate completely sober and I loved every bite of it.

The workers were young kids with a lot of tattoos, which was cool, and the majority of the 11pm crowd had either already been drinking or were getting ready to head out to bars, which are not too far away from the restaurant. If I lived in Rochester, I could see myself eating here very often. Hopefully I’ll be going back to try some of their options off the hot dog menu (that is what their known for) but their junkyard plates were so good, I’d go back for another one of those as well.

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  • December 6, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Someone probably already mentioned this to you, but the reason Tahoe’s closes that early down there is because too much violent crime centering around it. I believe the city forced them to close at that time. They used to be open 24/7.


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