First Bite: Break’n Eggs Creperie

There has been a rumbling about a crepe/breakfast place opening in Williamsville for a while now and this week some readers started to tell us that Break’n Eggs (located in the old Seabar, off Main St.) had just opened. When we visited around lunchtime on Saturday, we had no idea what to expect. Aside from being a creperie, Alli and I couldn’t really gather much from their facebook page.

When we walked into the restaurant around noon it was half empty, apparently we picked a great time because there was literally a line out of the door when we left (we also overheard a waitress say they have almost been overwhelmed with customers in the week they have been open). Break’n Eggs is set up with a large, open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant so that everyone in the dining room can watch the chef/owner at work. The restaurant’s interior definitely has a pancake house vibe, its cute and clean but nothing worth talking at length about. When I first heard the name Break’n Eggs I assumed it was a egg specialty restaurant, but the owners actually are French Canadian and wanted to recreate the crepe experiences they’ve been missing since moving to Buffalo. Since there are very few crepe options in Buffalo (I can only think of Sweet_ness 7 on Parkside), it’s nice to see another restaurant offering something different.

Quick Info:

The menu has some other breakfast options, but it is primarily focused around crepes. You have the option of making your own from a list of ingredients (prices starting at $6) or choosing from a menu of breakfast crepes ($10-15) or dessert crepes ($7). Our table sampled a little bit of everything, I ordered the Classic Crepe Benedict with ham, my Dad ordered a custom crepe with sausage, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese and Alli ordered a dessert crepe with nutella and bananas.

The Crepe Benedict (pictured below) included two small, pancake like crepes each covered with thin slices of ham, poached eggs and a dollup of hollandaise sauce. Overall it was pretty tasty; the eggs were cooked just right and still runny and the ham had a nice crispy texture with a salty flavor. My only complaint centers around the hollandaise sauce, which was good but barely there. I would have preferred the eggs covered in sauce (like Benedicts usually are). My Dad seemed to really enjoy his custom crepe (gallery) and Alli devoured her Nutella Banana dessert crepe. While it was delicious, her plating seemed to have been a little rushed (and not really picture worthy) so the picture below is from our friend Sue who visited Break’n Eggs a few days before we did.

We also ordered a side of homefries (as recommended by our waitress) and peameal bacon ($2.50) that was cut thick and was warm, crispy and had a nice flavor. Our entire table agreed that the food was very good and Alli and I have already said we’ll be going back soon.

While our food was good, the restaurant is definitely new and appears to be working through some kinks; our service for the most part was pretty bad. Our server would disappear here and there (she seemed to be running around making coffee, cleaning tables, and going into the back room) and while the restaurant was half empty, it seemed like it took a really really long time for our food to come from the kitchen. Watching from our seat, it seemed that things were a little chaotic in the kitchen, while all of the chefs were trying to move fast, it seemed like they didn’t have a good system yet and were not quite organized. As with most new restaurants, this should be worked out soon (I hope) so we still would recommend you try Break’n Eggs out. They are only open until 3pm Tuesday through Sunday, so get there early.

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6 thoughts on “First Bite: Break’n Eggs Creperie

  1. Are the dessert crepes meant to be ordered as a dessert? Like after a meal, or would it be like a main course?

    • Alli Suriani

      They could be both, I ordered mine as a main course and was very happy with it! It’s not enough for a full dinner, but for a breakfast or lunch its perfect.

  2. Heidi S Wilson

    Good morning!
    We live in Williamsville & have already visited this fine restaurant twice.
    We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Break’n Eggs & were not disappointed!!!
    My kids were interested in the sweeter crepes & omelets– both delicious; while I chose to build my own out of goat cheese, asparagus, & red peppers. It was delicious!!
    I think it is a great concept & the interior is warm & stylish… I feel like I am on vacation without leaving town!!
    Love it! Congrats to the Sweeney’s! Well done!

    • Alli Suriani

      Awesome! So glad you liked it as much as we did!

  3. I have visited a few times in the past weeks and it seems like those kinks have pretty much been worked out. It was delicious!

  4. Munson

    Experience is much better than Pancake House!

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