Quick Bites: Billamy’s BBQ & Elmo’s

UPDATE: Billamy’s has since closed.

There have been a lot of new restaurants opening recently in WNY and it’s been hard to keep track of them all. Billamy’s BBQ opened earlier this year on Hertel Ave. On a rare day off, Alli and I decided to go somewhere new for lunch, we happened to drive down Hertel and saw Billamy’s store front.

It’s a pretty small restaurant with an intimate dining room that also has a small bar. The owner told us they were planning on installing a large TV for Bill’s games and offering a ‘game day menu’. Our meal started with a complimentary serving of cornbread, which might have been the best thing we ate the entire time.

Their lunch menu was small and incredibly cheap, for under $6 Alli and I both selected an entree and a side. Alli ordered a Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of Mac ‘n Cheese¬†(pictured above) and I ordered a small order of Ribs with Baked Beans (gallery). The ribs were very tender and covered in a thick, sweet BBQ sauce. The actual flavor of the pork was hidden behind the sauce and there wasn’t a lot of meat, but I didn’t complain too much since the meal was only $6. Nothing about either of the sides really stood out, the baked beans were alright but Alli didn’t enjoy the Mac n Cheese at all. It really lacked any flavor and was only lukewarm. Alli’s pulled pork was ¬†sweet and had a much stronger flavor then the ribs, we opted to just eat the pork itself and ignore the roll.

The food was alright at Billamy’s, nothing we had was really outstanding or memorable but for a $6 lunch it was an OK deal. Does it compare to Suzy Q’s or Kentucky Greg’s? Not at all, not even close. It’s not horrible but not the first BBQ place I would recommend if asked. They do have three different Flying Bison beers available for purchase; Aviator Red, Buffalo Lager and Rusty Chain.

Almost every town has a pub or restaurant that locals think offer the best wings in Western New York. Elmo’s in Getzville is one of those places. Since working in the area I have been repeatedly told that they have some of the best wings around (along with the Ale House). So after months of hearing about it, I convinced my coworker Kristina to come along and try out the place for lunch.

Elmo’s is essentially a small sports bar, with a large bar in the middle of the building, very dim lighting and tables scattered throughout. I decided to order a single order (1.5 lbs) of wings (gallery). Weirdly there was no price to go along with the wings on the menu. Kristina ordered a Chicken Finger salad (pictured above) and we both split an order of french fries with gravy (gallery). The french fries were pretty standard, out of a bag and paired with a very small side of gravy that tasted like it came from a can. I wasn’t really expecting anything more. Kristina’s salad was pretty damn large, came with a good amount of chicken fingers and a lot of blue cheese. She enjoyed her lunch and thought it was pretty good, nothing outstanding but as good as a chicken finger salad can be.

Their chicken wings were incredibly crispy and pretty large; it turns out that 1.5 lbs of chicken wings came to be 11 wings. The hot sauce consisted of the tried and true combination of butter and Frank’s. I enjoyed them but couldn’t find anything really special about them, until I got my bill. For a single order of Chicken Wings, Elmo’s charged me $13! The wings were good but not worth the price and definitely nothing more special than any other place around WNY. Elmo’s is located in the popular Getzville Plaza that houses restaurants that offer Mexican, Indian, Sushi, Chinese and Pizza, so there are plenty of lunch options in that area. I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.

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One thought on “Quick Bites: Billamy’s BBQ & Elmo’s

  • October 3, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Just a quick comment amount Elmo’s and – no – I’m neither a regular or from the area. Just happened to go there with some friends trying to introduce us to some wing options. Though I’d agree on your assessment of the standard ‘Buffalo’ style wings, the standout at Elmo’s is the ‘Cajun’ wings or the honey mustard version. I was skeptical – as my pant size can attest to my expertise on wings – especially with the vague ‘cajun’ label. But these wings are a revelation. Not particularly spicy, nor really saucy to speak of – these seem more like a deeply marinated wing with incredible flavor and crispiness. Possibly some of the best wings I’ve had in the WNY area – including Duff’s, Amherst Ale, Gabriels Gate and others.


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