Eat It Up: Episode 37 – Rich Tilyou (T-Meadow Farms)

Almost two months ago we had Rich Tilyou over to the Buffalo Eats studio to talk about pigs. Yes, pigs. Rich is the owner of T-Meadow Farms and has been raising heritage pigs for a couple years. Not only is his pork found in some amazing local restaurants (Bistro Europa, Carmelo’s) and stores (Spars, Williamsville Farmers Market), but they’ve also made their way to some of the best restaurants in the US. Rich believes that his pigs should live in the wild, eat grass and hay and live a free-range, stress-free life. Alli and I actually visited the farm and can attest that Rich and his family really treat these pigs with the most respect and care. They really live a great life and his farm is awesome. As a lover of pork products believe me when I say that the way these pigs are raised makes a difference; T-Meadow products is honestly the very best pork you can buy in WNY (and maybe beyond). On the podcast we talked about how Rich and his family got started into the pig raising business, what exactly a ‘heritage pig’ is and how his family decides on who’s a pet and who’s not.

Record Date: 8/6/12

Show Notes:

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