Where to Eat This Weekend: Kenmore Ave

There are a lot of places to eat in WNY and sometimes deciding where to head for a meal is overwhelming. Where to Eat This Weekend is a weekly feature that I (Alli) have been thinking about for a while. I’m incredibly indecisive and while having 100′s of detailed reviews of restaurants to pick from is wonderful, sometimes having someone narrow down your choices makes your life a bit easier. A new Where to Eat This Weekend will be posted every Friday with the sole purpose of helping you decide where to eat and hopefully introduce you to a few new places that are worth checking out. The posts will have a new ‘theme’ each week. I will pick a town (i.e. East Aurora, Orchard Park), cuisine (Thai, Mexican) or street (Hertel, Kenmore Ave) and give you a list of all of the notable places to eat/drink within that theme along with links to websites and our reviews as well as a few quick descriptions (price, type of food, etc).

Past posts focused on East Aurora,  Vietnamese cuisine and “unique” Chicken WingsThis week I am featuring a street. Kenmore Ave. is located mostly in Kenmore (duh) and runs from Military Rd. to Main St. near UB South. There are quite a few restaurants of note on Kenmore Ave. and weirdly enough, the street was actually the inspiration for my Where to Eat This Weekend posts. Every time I drive down Kenmore I think about how many good restaurants I pass in such a short distance (similar to Hertel) and many of them are worth going a bit out of your way for. This post won’t cover them all, but I will tell you my favorites.

So..where should you eat this weekend?  Kenmore Ave!

Notable Restaurants

We haven’t gotten around to writing a post on Sinatra’s yet but believe me when I say, if you are a fan of Italian food, Sinatra’s should be high on your to-do list. The menu has several classic Italian dishes served in an upscale setting. If you are in the mood for a romantic meal or somewhere to take a date, this would be a wonderful option.

Obviously we are biased on this decision, but even if Franco wasn’t Donnie’s uncle, his pizzeria would be on this list. Having built a pretty respectable reputation in the area, Franco’s Pizza has expanded to 5 locations in the Northtowns. People love a good pizza and getting a little extra with their unique square shape doesn’t hurt either. Looking for a quick bite for lunch? Stop in and grab one of their lunch specials, all of which are under $7.

The Richert brothers are not only some of the most talented chefs in the area, but their menu at Torches might be the most fun and creative in Western New York. Donnie and I first visited Torches back in 2010 for his birthday and had a great meal, maybe one of our best meals period. Playful dishes like Tim Hortons Crusted Strip Steak and A&W Short Ribs are fun and they have no problem serving large portions for very affordable prices. There’s a good reason why they made WGRZ’s Top 10 Favorite Restaurants of WNY this year.

We just visited O’Connell’s a couple months ago for the first time during Restaurant Week and were very impressed and happy with our meal. Even though Chef Kevin O’Connell Jr has left the restaurant, they are continuing their ambitious menu with a new chef. If you are even looking for a nice place to go after dinner you can stop by an O’Comedy Event and see some local comedians while enjoying some drinks at the bar, the next show is on September 29th!

If pizza isn’t your thing but you are still looking for a really cheap place to eat, might I suggest Vizzi’s. Known for their gigantic and delicious burgers (pictured top of page), they also have a pretty mean Beef on Weck to match. The inside is pretty low key with a bar that occasionally features live music. Their only draft beer options are Blue Light or Bud and don’t bother with any of their more creative burgers, just go with a regular $7 1/2 pound burger and you’ll be set for the night.

Paula’s Donuts are hands down the best donuts in Western New York. It’s not even close. They offer a large selection of flavors (pictured below) that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They are fresh, cheap and simply put, just really ‘effin delicious. We love the creme filled peanut, red velvet and sourdough glaze the most. Don’t forget, they are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, so you can head there for some late night post-drinking eats or make it your dessert after dinner!


10 thoughts on “Where to Eat This Weekend: Kenmore Ave

  1. Just an FYI Paula’s at least on Kenmore/Englewood is NOT 24hrs. If you are inside you’ll see the Open 24 hours sign, but go around to the outside and they are open 4am – 10pm daily. I agree however, with the closing of Jet Donuts many years ago, Paula’s is the best in town. Living a stones throw away is an ongoing temptation.

    Sinatra’s I went to a few years back and it was excellent. As a younger couple celebrating an anniversary, we felt kind of out of place amongst the upscale older crowd. But as a lover of Sinatra and good Italian cuisine, it was well worth the trip.

    • Alli Suriani

      hmm i guess they should make their signs match then..thanks for the tip!

      • They actually just taped paper in front of the 24hr sign with hours written in marker. People should go there nonetheless.

  2. Amir FaSaad

    …you forgot, Vasillis. Best Fish Friday dinner. Their broiled grooper is killer, among others !

    • Alli Suriani

      we actually have yet to go to that Vasillis, but it is on our to-do list

  3. Sarah

    I think you missed out on Curry’s Restaurant on Kenmore- best banana pepper sandwich in town-“The Dibble”!

    • Alli Suriani

      I actually dont think Ive ever heard of Curry’s..thanks for the tip!

      • Sarah

        It is the best neighborhood restaurant. Right across the street from St. Joes. Lots of regulars, wonderful owners Pat and Molly. This is a great place for a fish fry, to watch a game at the bar, or enjoy a family dinner. Love love love Currys.

  4. Chris

    “Even though Chef Kevin O’Connell Jr has left the restaurant”…do you know where he went?

    • Don Burtless

      somewhere in Los Angeles, not exactly sure where.

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