Quick Bites: Boston Hotel’s Steak & Crab, Frosty’s

Long before Buffalo Eats was an idea, Alli and I used to drive down to the Boston Hotel in Boston, NY and order ourselves steak, crab and lobster for our version of a “fancy” meal. In reality it was a relatively cheap meal in a dive setting, but at the time Alli and I thought we were going all out (our bill was a whopping $40 at most).

Neither Alli or I are very familiar with Lancaster and after 325 restaurant and 3 years, this is actually the first post on Buffalo Eats to feature restaurants from that town. I know that the Boston Hotel located in Lancaster has no direct or current connection to the Boston, NY location, but the locations and menus are near identical. Like the Boston, NY restaurant, it’s a no-frills restaurant and the menu offers cheap specials that include clams, wings and lobster dainties. Alli and I had pretty high hopes for this meal, hoping it would remind us of those days when we would ‘treat ourselves‘.

When we drove up to the restaurant we noticed that they only took cash (which prompted a drive to the gas station ATM) and that the parking lot was absolutely packed. We thought we were going to have to wait a while to eat but luckily the patio was open and we sat down right away. Alli and I knew what we were going to order immediately and decided to recreate our favorite meal from our early dating years. I ordered the sirloin steak and lobster tail combo (above) with salt potatoes while Alli ordered the strip steak with crab legs and french fries (gallery). Both entrees were under $20 and based solely on the amount of food served, we got our money’s worth. That said, my sirloin unfortunately was overcooked, lacked any great flavor and was tough to chew. My medium sized lobster tail did not disappoint thankfully. Alli’s crab legs were pretty standard and the meat was easy to extract. Her steak was better than mine but not anything to brag about.

Monday nights are apparently the night to go when they offer a lot of cheap specials, but even going to dinner on a normal night you’ll be able to get an good amount of food for a low price. The ingredients weren’t exactly the best quality, and of course we’ve had better seafood and steak at other places but at a much higher cost. If you don’t mind sacrificing on quality and ambiance, a trip to Lancaster’s Boston Hotel can be an OK deal. If you’re looking for a really good steak or seafood, you might want to spend the extra bucks somewhere else.

After our meal we took a drive down the road and decided to grab some dessert. Alli remembered a really cute ice cream shop called Frosty’s from her youth with a building looks like an adorable ‘elf sized’ cottage. Along with normal picnic tables they also had wooden trains and other fun seating options for the kids. They have a very large selection of Perry’s hard serve ice cream and after looking it over, Alli decided to pick her favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter (gallery) while I tried their Mint Milkshake. It was a very cute place and if you have kids, it’s almost a given that you have to visit eventually.

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Boston Hotel's Steak & Crab on UrbanspoonFrosty's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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