Eat It Up: Episode 33 – Drew Cerza aka “The Wing King”

The annual Buffalo Wing Festival has easily become one of Buffalo’s more popular events, only rivaled in size by the massive Taste of Buffalo. Held at Coca Cola Field on Labor Day weekend, the festival invites restaurants from all over the United States to showcase their most delicious and creative sauces. Now normally I would say that any place outside of Buffalo, NY has no idea how to make a good chicken wing, but some of the sauces I’ve tried over the years have really impressed me. The man behind this giant festival is Drew “The Wing King” Cerza, who has since been on Emeril Live, Regis and Kelly, The View and Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Drew came by the Buffalo Eats studio to talk about the rocky start of the festival, his love of chicken wings and what it’s been like to be in the spotlight.

Record Date: 8/22/12

Show Notes:

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