Food Porn: Rocky’s Indian Restaurant (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Rocky’s has since closed.

We throw the word ‘foodie’ around a lot on this website but we still have a long way to go and a lot of cuisines that we still need to try. We’ve visited over 325 restaurants but we’ve only have two Indian restaurants on our site. I’d like that to change, so I plan on going out of my way to try as many Indian restaurants as possible, luckily Rocky’s Indian Restaurant is a quick 5 minute drive from my work.

Rocky’s is a pretty small and unassuming restaurant, with about 10 tables. Rocky’s has a set menu that customers can order off of for either lunch or dinner, however Tuesday through Saturday they offer a lunch buffet for only $8. I visited twice for a weekday lunch and on both instances tried their buffet where they had about 8 different dishes along with salad, yogurt and complimentary Naan. I’m definitely not an expert on Indian cuisine and ordering food from a buffet isn’t the ideal scenario, but here’s what I thought about the several dishes I tried at Rocky’s over the last two weeks.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Casual, Buffet
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Location: Getzville
  • Prices: Lunch Buffet $8, Appetizers <$8, Entrees $10-15

On both visits to Rocky’s they were serving a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes in the buffet. On my first visit I tried the Chicken ‘meatball’ Jalfrazi, medium sized balls of ground chicken that were served with onions and tomatoes. They were very tender and juicy with a little bit of spice and would be pretty accessible for first timers. I also tried Chicken Makhani (gallery), which included larger pieces of chicken that were covered in a creamy tomato sauce that had a bright orange color. The sauce had an enjoyable sweet flavor with almost no heat but unfortunately on both visits the actual pieces of chicken were very dry.

I also tried a couple vegetarian dishes, the Vegetable Korma which was a stew-like mixture of beans, carrots and potatoes that had a nice spicy kick, and Aloo Pakora, which were very thin, battered potatoes. They had a nice crunch but didn’t have much flavor on their own.

On my second visit, Rocky’s was offering some of the same dishes but luckily several new ones. One of those was their Curry Pakora with fried veggies. This dish punched me in the face as soon as I bit into it. The spice was right in front and actually caught me off guard. After a couple more bites my tongue got used to the heat and I really started to enjoy the flavor, especially when dipping pieces of Naan into it. On this visit I also tried the Mattar Paneer. I initially thought it was a tofu cubes in a sweet gravy sauce but later found out it’s actually homemade cheese.

For just $8 you can really fill yourself up and in a reasonably healthy way. Most people should be able to find something at Rocky’s menu that you can enjoy. I’d love to go back to Rocky’s or another Indian restaurant with a true connoisseur and order off the menu to get a better idea of what they can provide. But in my limited trips I enjoyed my meals and noticed the dining room was almost always full on each visit. I’ll wait until I visit more Indian restaurants in Western New York before saying where they rank, but for $8 it’s a pretty good deal for lunch.

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One thought on “Food Porn: Rocky’s Indian Restaurant (CLOSED)

  • August 27, 2012 at 10:05 am

    I also work in the same area as you, Don. We’ve gone to lunch here on many occasions. One issue that we have noticed in the past is that they will randomly be closed. Apparently the father is the only one who cooks and when he goes on vacation or is ill, the place just closes.

    Frustrating to us when we had our hearts set on Indian only to get there and find out it was closed.


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