Eat It Up: Episode 31 – Kevin and Phil from In Pod Form (Part 1)


We are following up last week’s special podcast with another special episode this week. We had Kevin Purdy and Phil Dzikiy come over to the studio to record a food themed, In Pod Form-esque podcast. We took a list of foods that are associated with Western New York and tried to decide if they were overrated, underrated or adequately rated. Here’s the list: Loganberry Pop, Sponge Candy, Mighty Taco, Chicken Finger Subs, Beef On Weck, Buffalo Style Pizza/Pizzerias, Sahlens/Ted’s Hot Dogs and of course Chicken Wings. We continued the food themed podcast where we discussed the idea of food being “The New Rock” and what are some of the pro’s and con’s to the rise this “foodie culture”. Since the podcast went so long we decided to split the podcast into 2 parts, the second part will be posted tomorrow (8/15/12) at 10am.

Just a reminder, check out other great podcasts like the Late Nick Mendola, BuffaBLOG Radio, In Pod Form, Craft Beer Talk, Movie Madness on Audio Buffalo. Also please support our sponsor Consumers Beverages and check out what’s on tap on their website!

Show Info:

Show Notes:

Our Ratings:

  • Loganberry: Donnie – Adequately Rated, Phil – Underrated, Kevin – Adequately Rated
  • Sponge Candy: Donnie – Overrated, Phil – Overrated, Kevin – Underrated
  • Beef On Weck: Donnie – Overrated/Adequately Rated, Phil – Adequately Rated, Kevin – Adequately Rated
  • Mighty Taco: Donnie – Overrated, Phil – Overrated, Kevin – Overrated
  • Chicken Finger Sub: Donnie – Underrated, Phil – Underrated, Kevin – Underrated
  • Hot Dogs/Ted’s: Donnie – Underrated, Phil – Underrated, Kevin – Underrated

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