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Since we can no longer visit Earl’s Drive-In, Sophia’s was the last restaurant to cross off our “Guy Fieri visited here” list. After watching their episode I wasn’t terribly impressed, sure the food looked alright but I’ve had plenty of good chicken souvlaki in diners around Buffalo and wasn’t so sure what was special about this place. But recently I had a conversation with my friend (and former contributor) Chris  and he swore that Sophia’s was not only fantastic but they were serving the best breakfast in WNY. He warned about long waits at peak hours on the weekend and that a line forms at the door. When Alli, my brother Tom and I stopped by on a Sunday afternoon around 1pm we found a small line outside the doors and down the steps. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long and were sitting down at a booth within 20 minutes.

The inside of the restaurant appears to have received a facelift since their time in the spotlight in 2010, but the dining room is still pretty small and tight. If you sit near the back you’ll see one wall devoted to Guy’s visit and another to various boxers, with a few autographed boxing gloves on the wall as well. The service wasn’t amazing (although the place was packed). Tom ran out of Coke early into the meal and no one came by to ask about a refill and eventually a different server came over to give us our to go box and check. I’ll give the sub-par service a pass because the food was fantastic.

Quick Info:

  • Restaurant Type: Diner, Casual
  • Cuisine: Breakfast, Greek
  • Location: Black Rock
  • Price: Almost Everything is Under $10

Along with his strong recommendation to visit Sophia’s, Chris also gave me a couple recommendations on what to order. He mentioned their breakfast burrito, the Buffalo omelet, and pancakes, but it was his recommendation of their Giambotta ($8, pictured top) that I decided to try. The Giambotta is a massive plate of homemade Italian sausage, peppers, onions, hot pepper, garlic, potatoes and 2 large eggs mixed in. I decided to really push myself to the limit and spend the 75 cents for mozzarella cheese. It might be the perfect hangover breakfast, I was actually feeling fine on this Sunday but almost wished that I had went out the night before. Everything was delicious and fresh, there was a lot of sausage on the plate and the spicy peppers/hot sauce went perfectly with the eggs, potato and pepper combination. I finished about 75% of the plate and left the other 25% for dinner later on that day. Simply put, the plate was awesome and included everything I was craving that day for breakfast.

My brother wasn’t in the mood for breakfast so he decided to order their chicken souvlaki wrap (pictured above, top), the side of french fries weren’t anything special but the wrap itself was quite large. The wrap was packed with marinated juicy chicken, lettuce, tomato and a lot of feta. Normally my brother leaves meals still hungry, but this wrap left him very full. His only complaint was the amount of feta in the wrap was very overwhelming, the strong flavor almost dominated every other flavor.

Alli was in the mood for breakfast but wasn’t sure what exactly she wanted to eat, so she decided to order the #3 combo (2 eggs, 2 pancakes and bacon) along with a side of homefries. What really stood out in this buffet of breakfast food was their homemade toast, their tzatziki sauce and their homefries. The bread was fresh and had a fantastic crust, the homefries had a wonderful flavor that probably came from being cooked on the flat grill top that has years of grease and seasoning cooked into it. The eggs, bacon and pancakes (Alli finished the following morning) were all delicious but it was the homefries, tzatziki sauce and toast that we were actually fighting over.

Guy Fieri is quite annoying and normally visits restaurants that are usually offering an insane deep fried menu item, but he really hit gold when he visited Sophia’s back in 2009. They have plenty of solid breakfast/Greek classics on their menu but you can also go crazy with the Giambotta if you’re really starving. We still love Bertha’s and the brunches at Shango/Trattoria Aroma but last week Sophia’s made a very strong case to be included in our list for really good breakfast joints.

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