Eat It Up: Episode 25 – Chris and Joe from Taste of Buffalo

Last week the 2012 Chairman and 2013 Chairman of the Taste of Buffalo (Chris Hitchcock and Joe Lane, respectively) stopped by the Buffalo Eats Studio to talk about the upcoming festival. We’ve covered the event every year and will have a preview post later this week. On the podcast we tried to touch on all of the exciting new features for this year’s festival, such as food trucks, the expansion of the culinary stage, a bigger effort to turn the festival ‘green’ and the new AT&T concierge’s. We also discussed what exactly a Chairman of the festival does and what they learned from the Taste of Chicago and Taste of Syracuse.

Remember the festival takes place this upcoming Saturday (11am to 9pm) and Sunday (11am to 7pm), you can check out their list of restaurants and offerings here or follow the Taste of Buffalo on facebook or twitter! We will be there on Saturday, judging a bunch of events, so say hi if you see us!

Record Date: 6/20/12

Show Notes:

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  • July 3, 2012 at 10:35 am

    taste of buffalo …. good job chris and joe …….


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