Food Porn: Brothers Restaurant & Pub (CLOSED)

For the last month my in-laws have been raving about how awesome the food was at Brothers Restaurant and Pub in East Aurora.  I was skeptical, what exactly was going to be different about this place? I love pub food like most Buffalo-ians and trust their opinion on restaurants, but how good/different can a pizza roll really be?  Last week, Alli and I made the trip into our favorite suburb to see what the fuss was all about.  The best part about going out to eat with family is being able to get a little sample of everything, which is exactly what we did on this trip.

Quick Info:

While I don’t know the full story, I know that Brothers was started after the owner won a million dollars (I think) on a lottery scratch off ticket.  It was her dream to open a restaurant, so that’s what she did.  You can tell there was a lot of money put into the inside and everything looks brand new.  On our trip we decided to sit in the bar area.  We really had our choice of where to sit as we were some of the only diners in there on a Friday evening, so we sat near the TV’s so we could watch the Stanley Cup Finals.

Since no one in our dinner party was in the mood for a specific entree or item, we decided that a sampling of the appetizer menu would be a good idea.  The appetizers at Brothers weren’t exactly mind blowing but I was pleasantly surprised how fresh everything tasted, these dishes weren’t from massive frozen prepared bags of food.  The Pizza Rolls (above bottom, $8), which my in-laws really loved, were thin and crispy wonton rappers that are made to order.  The cheese and pepperoni tasted great and the marinara sauce had a nice sweet kick.  Yes, they were still pizza rolls but they were damn good pizza rolls.

The Caribbean Glazed Sesame Fingers (above top, $9) were lightly breaded and fried chicken strips that had a sugary sweet chili sauce on the outside.  These again seemed to be freshly made and not frozen chicken fingers from a bag.  The Fried Mozzarella (gallery, $7) was a large piece of fresh mozzarella that was breaded and not overly greasy.  The Batter Fried Mushrooms (gallery, $7) were definitely a little bit more greasy but the mushrooms inside still had a firm texture that went well with the crunchy exterior but there wasn’t a lot of flavor and nothing too extraordinary.  The only appetizer (or any food item for that matter) that we ordered that I wasn’t that thrilled with were the Stuffed Banana Peppers (gallery, $9), the filling was OK and creamy like you’d expect but there was virtually no heat in the pepper or sausage pieces.

Despite ordering 5 appetizers for 6 people, several of the people at our table decided to still order entrees (including myself).  I ordered their Miami Cubano Sandwich (above, $9), made up of ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, pickles, and dijon aoili on crispy French bread.  This sandwich was very good, right after the first bite I was shocked by how fresh and crispy the roll was.  It had a wonderful crunchy exterior that wasn’t too thick or thin and a really great chewy inside.  The sliced ham was alright and liberally applied but the roasted pork was where the flavor peaked.  The cheese and aoili were definitely present but didn’t overwhelm the sandwich or make it too sloppy.  Served with crunchy homemade potato chips, I struggled to finish the entire order but kept going because of how good the sandwich was.  Other guests ordered Wedge Salads (nothing too special), a Prime Beef On Weck and a Bacon Blue Burger.

The restaurant recently had issues with their liquor license but that has been cleared up, they don’t have a really large beer selection but I was more then happy to order a Flying Bison Rusty Chain.  I’d recommend sitting at the bar or outside on the patio if you’d like some nice scenery, the dining room seems a little bare.  We had a good meal and while the they aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel they are still serving up some freshly made pub food.

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