Eat It Up: Episode 23 – Nina Barone

Buffalo’s food writing scene is pretty small, so after you’ve been doing it for a year or so you eventually begin to know everyone around town.  Over the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Nina Barone (and her husband Nick), we’ve attended various foodie gatherings together and we were both “food expert panelists” for WGRZ’s Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in WNY.  I had Nina come over to the Buffalo Eats studio to talk about how she started her blog, how cooking at home has changed her view of eating at restaurants and how awesome it was to hang around WGRZ’s John Beard.  This podcast also marks the first brother-sister combo to have made appearances on Eat It Up, Nina’s brother Pete (co-owner of Lloyd Taco Truck) appeared on Episode 3.

Record Date: 5/29/12

Show Notes:

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