Eat It Up: Episode 21 – Alan Bedenko

When I started the Buffalo Eats twitter account in early 2009, I wasn’t very educated on Buffalo’s twitter scene and I started to do some searching.  One name that kept coming up over and over again was Alan’s account @BuffaloPundit.  Alan can be a pretty intimidating guy, his arguments on twitter have become trending topics and when I wrote about VPN style pizza he gave me a schoolin’ on the topic (we touch on that in the podcast briefly).  But I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Alan several times outside of the internet world and he’s been incredibly helpful on recommending places to eat, specifically really good pizza.

With a resume that includes being a Nickel City Chef Judge, a contributing food critic for Buffalo Spree and an Artvoice blogger, it was clear that we eventually had to talk to Alan on our podcast.  We touched on his beginnings in blogging, his thoughts on the Taste of Buffalo, new food trucks and much more.

Record Date: 5/1/12

Show Notes:

One thought on “Eat It Up: Episode 21 – Alan Bedenko

  • June 12, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Alan, I am surprised that you’d think it would be hard to find anyone’s email! Maybe back then … Entertaining podcast, in any case.


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