Eat It Up: Episode 20 – Chef Mike Andrzejewski

Chef Mike Andrzejewski is one of (if not the) most popular and accomplished chef in Buffalo.  After spending time in some of the best kitchens in Buffalo (Rue Franklin, Olivers), he’s opened several restaurants that are widely considered some of the best in the city.  Whether it’s his take on sushi with SeaBar, the Mexican street food inspired menu at Cantina Loco or his own take on a “steakhouse” with Mike A’s, he’s got some great ideas and is assembling some great people to pull them off.

A month ago we had the pleasure of talking to Mike for about an hour about how he got started in the restaurant industry, what it was like being on the Food Network and meeting Bobby Flay, how he manages to keep track of 3 restaurants, how Beef on Weck sushi came to be and much more.  Personally, this was one of my favorite podcasts we’ve recorded to date.  It was an awesome experience sitting down with Mike and just having a conversation in our house and I hope you all enjoy the conversation.

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