WGRZ’z Top 10 Favorite Restaurnats in WNY: #5 – 1

In case you missed it, we’ve been posting links to WGRZ’s 10 Favorite Restaurants of WNY video series all this week and last.  I was fortunate enough to be included in their “panel of experts” alongside Chef Mike Andrzejewski (SeaBar, Cantina Loco), Krista Van Wagner (Curly’s), Nina Barone (BuffaloFoodie.com) and Danny Gare.  We each submitted our own top 10 lists and WGRZ’s own (and Arrested Development cast member) John Beard compiled the lists together and created the master top 10 list.

We met up at SeBar in late April to film our reactions to the top 10 and what we enjoyed about each restaurant.  Last week we showed you the first 5 videos in the series showing #10 through #6 that featured 7 restaurants, thanks to a three way tie for 10th place.  The following are the second half of the list, the #5 to #1 favorite restaurants in WNY.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the series.

#5: Oliver’s – feat. Mike, Nina and myself; read our Food Porn here.

#4: Left Bank – feat. Mike, Nina and Danny; read our Food Porn here.

#3: Tempo – feat. Mike, Danny and myself; read our Food Porn here.

#2: Bistro Europa – feat Nina, Mike and myself; read our Food Porn here.

#1: SeaBar – feat Nina, Danny and myself; read our Food Porn here.

I’d personally like to thank John Beard and Patrick Klinck from WGRZ for thinking of me when they were putting together this panel of experts.  It was a very cool experience to hang out with Mike, Krista, Nina and Danny and talk about our favorite places to eat.  I know there are plenty of restaurants that could have been included on the list but we only had 10 spots to fill (we could have easily made a top 25 list).  On Monday, WGRZ will be airing some bonus footage (same time slot) where we get to talk about our favorites that didn’t make the list.

In case you didn’t listen already, I was a guest on BuffaBLOG Radio Friday and talked about our big giveaway that we are doing later this month.  We’ve teased at our grand prize, but Monday the 21st we’ll be announcing the official prize packages and how/when people can start entering the contest, so stay tuned for awesomeness.

Get excited!

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