Eat It Up: Episode 18 – Chef James Roberts (Park Country Club)

When I first heard about James Roberts it was from our friend and fellow Buffalo Foodie Christa Seychew, and all she told me was “he’s doing some pretty crazy stuff in his kitchen”.  James is the Head Chef at Park Country Club and there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of him or tasted his food.  That’s a shame because he’s a really great guy who is incredibly talented, educated and strives for excellence every day that he arrives at work.  On this podcast we talked about his start in kitchens in New Orleans (his hometown), how he got into the Country Club world, his philosophy on training young cooks and his reflections on the elBulli meal at Grant Achatz’s Next.  We had a really fun conversation that night but an even better time hanging out in Allentown after.  I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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