Eat It Up: Episode 14 – Chef Chris Van Every (NoNoo Ramen)


Back in January we wrote about the opening of NoNoo Ramen, one of the most anticipated new restaurants that we’ve covered since starting this blog.  We had a good meal and saw where Head Chef Chris Van Every was going and we’re really excited about the types of cuisine and quality of food he would be bringing the city of Buffalo.  Since that meal I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Chris and his girlfriend Hanna (you may remember her from Episode 6) and have been back to NoNoo a few times.  Each time I go back the food seems to get better and better (check out my wife’s twitter @allibuffaloeats for some pictures from an awesome meal we had there this past Sunday) and I can honestly say I plan on becoming a regular because it really is that good.

Chris isn’t new to the Buffalo cooking scene, he’s worked at some of the best restaurants in the city (Rue Franklin, SeaBar) and has even traveled around the country (most notably, Hawaii) honing his skills.  On today’s episode we talked to Chris about the hard work and incredible satisfaction that comes from running your own restaurant, we touched on those wonderful Yelp reviewers and even discussed authenticity and how that plays into people’s perceptions of restaurants that offer ethnic cuisines.

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