Food Porn: Campobello’s Cucina Italiana

Last week I was searching for a restaurant week special to take advantage of during a lunch break with my co-worker Kristina.  After narrowing down the candidates we eventually settled on Campobello’s, a red-sauce Italian restaurant in East Amherst off of Transit.  Hidden in the same plaza as another lunch favorite, Jonny C’s and Mighty Taco, I’ve eaten right next door to the restaurant dozens of times without knowing it.

Their menu is very large with many of the typical red sauce Italian staples (spaghetti, fettuccine, etc) and the usual pizzeria menu (pizzas, wings and subs).  The location itself is a no frills, cozy location, their dining room is very large and brightly lit with booths lining the walls.  We choose Campobello’s because their offering for two seemed like it came with an insane amount of food and sure enough both my co-worker and I left incredibly full.

Quick Info:

The exact offering was our choice of an appetizer, wine or dessert to share, a soup or salad and a choice of one of eleven entrees each.  For starters we decided on the below artichoke appetizer that was recommended by our waitress, a large fried serving of egg, artichokes and shaved cheese.  We missed the name of the dish but it was essentially a large omelet and was delicious, the exterior had a crunchy bite while the inside had soft egg and tender artichoke pieces.  The salty cheese on top put the entire dish over the top, it was a little greasy but I would definitely order it again.  We also each started off with a cup of buffalo chicken soup (pictured in gallery), a very rich, thick, and creamy “bisque-like” broth that had a decent amount of heat but was loaded with pieces of grilled chicken and veggies.  The flavor of the broth wasn’t incredible, but all of the textures were right on and there was enough hot sauce present to help me finish off the cup.

I think both Kristina and I actually let out a laugh when our waitress brought our entrees out, they were enormous and we realized there was going to be some serious leftovers for the next day.  She ordered the shrimp scampi (pictured above).  It wasn’t exactly loaded with shrimp but the pieces that were in the dish must have been soaked in butter/olive oil.  When I bite into a couple of the shrimp all I could taste was the creamy butter sauce that it was sitting in, the dish seemed a little too soaked for my tastes but Kristina loved it and was actually soaking up some of the sauce with the bread at the table.

I ordered the chicken parmigiana (pictured in gallery) which consisted of a large side of spaghetti and a giant breaded and fried chicken cutlet that took up half of my plate.  Their sauce is incredibly sweet and was piled on top of both the chicken and the pasta.  The chicken itself was very thin with a thick breading that actually had a good flavor but the sheer size of the portion of chicken was impressive on it’s own.  The chicken was slightly dry but since it was covered in a thick, sweet sauce and a lot of mozzarella cheese, it wasn’t a big problem.

Our meal wasn’t exactly mind blowing, but I was very impressed with Campobello’s restaurant week offering and the amount of food we ate for a combined $20.  Their meals are normally affordable and if I’m ever feeling like really gorging myself on a lunch break, this place is now on my list.

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