Eat It Up: Episode 11 – Chris and Mac from BuffaBLOG

I met Chris and Mac last year at BuffaBLOG’s 1st Birthday Party, the show was a blast and since then we’ve collaborated on a couple articles for each site.  They are both senior writers for Buffalo’s best music blog, covering the latest in music from new local bands to informing the public about just announced shows.  I’ve had the pleasuring of appearing on their radio program BuffaBLOG Radio twice as a guest host last year and since then we’ve even become “co-workers” at Audio Buffalo.  On today’s episode we talked about how they fell in love with music, the job/grind of going to see local shows several nights a week, the joy/responsibility of going to concerts for free, kickstarter drama and we even slipped in some food talk.

Their podcast BuffaBLOG Radio is released every Friday and their 2ND Birthday Party is this week on March 31st at Nietzche’s in Allentown.

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