Eat It Up: Episode 10 – Vincent McConeghy (Local Restaurant Week)

I met Vince over a year ago but only knew him as “the Local Restaurant Week guy”, it wasn’t until I had him over and into the Buffalo Eats studio that I found out his long history in Buffalo’s food scene.  Not only is he the leader of the pack when it comes to Local Restaurant Week (one of our favorite times of the year) but he was also a founder of Le Metro and Left Bank.  On top of that he just recently came out with his first novel, Gastro Detective: A Frank Bruno Novel.  We had a really fun conversation about his beginnings, the troubles of getting Local Restaurant Week off the ground, his favorite acid jazz artists and so much more.

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One thought on “Eat It Up: Episode 10 – Vincent McConeghy (Local Restaurant Week)

  1. CGS

    Loved this podcast!

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