Eat It Up: Episode 9 – Michael “Danger” Bernhardt

A couple months I met Michael Bernhardt for the first time at Rohall’s Corner, he asked me to come out to help him spitball some ideas for his new project he was working on.  I’m not exactly sure if I helped him out, but I had a really good time hanging out and having a couple of beers in Black Rock.  Michael is the mastermind of Dinner with Danger, a dining event that’s hosted almost every month at a different Buffalo restaurant where the head Chef prepares an off the menu course.  He’s hosted these events all over the city and each time we kick ourselves for not going after looking at the pictures of the food online.  On this podcast we talked about the start of Dinner with Danger and even touch on the future, along with Michael’s new project that he’ll be debuting soon.

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