Eat It Up: Episode 8 – Franco Kroese (owner of Franco’s Pizza)

This week on Eat It Up we have Franco Kroese, the owner of Franco’s Pizza, one of Buffalo’s most popular pizzerias. I’ve actually known Franco for a long time, way before Buffalo Eats was ever an idea (spoiler: he’s my uncle). Last month he came over to the Buffalo Eats Studio to talk about how he went from a single pizzeria on the East Side to the 5 Northtown locations he owns now. I actually had never heard the story myself and we go into why he even started a pizzeria in the first place. If you ever find yourself in the Northtowns, make sure you stop by one of his locations and grab a slice.

Record Date: 2/9/12

Show Notes:

3 thoughts on “Eat It Up: Episode 8 – Franco Kroese (owner of Franco’s Pizza)

  1. mary goodwin

    Wow, great interview! Thoroughly enjoyed the interview

  2. Buffalo

    Good story and interesting interview. Tip for the future: unless you’re trying to change the interview’s directions or give follow-up questions, you shouldn’t be talking over the guest. The “yeahs” are very distracting.

    • Alli Suriani

      he knows, hes trying to stop but its like a nervous twitch thing

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