Sunday Reading: 2/26/12 (with some bonus gossip)

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Some things we’ve heard around town……..

  • We are very excited to hear that Cheesy Chick will be offering grilled cheese around the city in her new truck from Miami Trailer (the same people who did the Roaming Buffalo), but word on the street is there might be even more Grilled Cheese coming to Allentown.  We heard a rumor of a new grilled cheese restaurant that might be moving in, the most obvious location being the former Lagniappes/Lucky Dogs spot at 244 Allen.
  • When Epic first opened we were pretty skeptical, the name is unfortunate and it seemed like the restaurant opened without any buzz or advertising.  Then we read the sneak preview on Buffalo Spree and thought we had it all wrong, but after seeing poor reviews about the food and the actual restaurant atmosphere, we were wary once again.  Word is the head chef Sergio Aquino has been equally disappointed with the restaurant and has jumped ship, it will be interesting to see what happens next with Epic.
  • The Eights currently has a temporary tenant holding the place over, word on the street is that Maura Crawford (owner of Sole, managing partner of Le Metro) will be moving into the place.  The location is gorgeous but hasn’t been as successful as it could be, we watched Campieri’s and The Eights (the original vegan concept) come and go, but hopefully Crawford will be able to work some magic.

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