Eat It Up: Episode 3 – Pete and Chris from Lloyd Taco Trucks

A couple weeks ago we had Pete Cimino and Chris Dorsaneo over in the Buffalo Eats Studio. We talked about the upcoming vote on food truck legislation (since then the Common Council passed the law), a possible second Taco Truck hitting the streets, how Pete and Chris came up with the idea for a Taco Truck and Chris’s excitement about being a Nickel City Chef challenger. It was a really fun conversation and I hope you enjoy the interview. If you’re now dying to try a Lloyd taco (I suggest the Pork),  check out their newly redesigned website for a calender of where they’ll be.  We also have two short announcements…

First and most important: Pete and Chris will soon be announcing the start of a kickstarter campaign to help fund the purchase of their second truck.  They will be trying to raise $11K as a down payment for the brand new truck and they’ll have plenty of rewards for people willing to donate some of their hard earned cash.  Some of these rewards include: signing your name on Lloyd #1, Bumper Stickers, Bottles of Rocket Sauce, invitation to a tasting of new menu items, a Lloyd Speed Pass (think Disneyworld/Darien Lake style), 5 course meal with wine pairing and even a private house party for you and 50 of your friends.  So keep checking facebook and twitter for the official announcement!

Second: Starting next week we will be officially releasing these episodes on a weekly basis. No longer will you have to wait 14 days in-between episodes. Check back on February 7th for our next episode, we’ll be talking to very talented Chef Ross Warhol.

Record Date: 1/18/12

Show Notes:

EDIT: I said that Lloyd was the first truck to experience a winter in Buffalo, R&R BBQ actually started their business in the winter of 2010/11.

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