New Restaurants Coming Soon: Part 2!!!!!

Since our last post about upcoming restaurants in Buffalo was so successful I decided that we should do another one, this time 4 months later with more new restaurants and some updates on what we posted last time.

Since our post in April, we’ve managed to visit two of the new restaurants (Rocco’s, Bambino) and we’ve gotten some updates for a couple of the restaurants that haven’t opened yet.

  • Vera’s Pizzeria – they just recently created a facebook page where you can see pictures of the construction progress and even watch a video of them installing an oven.  As of right now they are claiming they will be open by mid-September.
  • Cantina Loco – earlier this month Andrew Galarneau posted on his blog Hungry For More that Cantina will be offering take-out by mid September, with a full opening planned shortly thereafter.
  • Five Guys – Their facebook account is still showing construction updates and they are also aiming for mid September to be open (sounds familiar).  Follow their progress on facebook.  They also have mentioned they are looking into downtown locations, a southtown location and a Niagara Falls location, but likely won’t open anymore stores until 2012.

New Restaurants!!!!

  • NoNoo Ramen Bar – first mentioned by Buffalo Chow, NoNoo Ramen Bar is looking to open their doors in September; they’ve already created a facebook account and a website (with menu!).  They’ll be moving onto Elmwood Avenue near Bistro Europa and Pasteurized Tee’s.
  • Smoke on the Water – I first heard about the Richert brother’s (of Torches fame) new restaurant from a description of a Dinner with Danger event but just read more details from Hungry For More this week.  No estimated date for opening but they plan on having boat parking and offering your standard BBQ menu with a few twists here and there.  They’ll be taking over the building that formerly housed the Suzz Cafe in the City of Tonawanda.
  • Epic – I guess I could also have made a post about restaurants leaving the downtown Buffalo area as both The Wine Thief and Tabree have both left Elmwood Ave…the Wine Thief is moving to the newly renovated Genesse Gateway and Tabree moving to Snyder on Main St near Harlem (thanks Sue!).  That said, after reading Mark Sommer’s article in the Buffalo News, I’ve learned that the owners of the Elmwood Market are planning to open a fine dining restaurant in the vacant Wine Thief location.
  • TBA Restaurant at the Naval Museum – the Owners of Coles/Blue Monk and Waterline Restaurant are going to work together to open a restaurant.  No name, date or restaurant theme has been named, in fact the article breaking this info was just revealed yesterday on Buffalo Rising and Marissa Bailey’s twitter account.  It’s great to see a dining/drinking option coming to the water front considering the success of a summer series of concerts in the area and future construction plans that appear to actually be happening.
  • Mango’z – back in June there was an article posted on Buffalo Rising about a new Jamaican restaurant coming to Elmwood Ave (kind of), right across the street from Buff State.  Now the building that it’s occupying has been empty for as long as I’ve been drinking on Elmwood (going on 7+ years now).  At the time the article said they’d be opening in a few weeks and even though the location still hasn’t opened (I think), they have recently put a large new sign on the building.  So it appears things are moving a long nicely.
  • TBA Ethiopian Restaurant – This isn’t really happening yet but based on the enthusiasm from Buffalo Rising, several of the Buffalo foodies we’ve had on our site and this review from Buffalo Chow; I really hope Buffalo get’s an Ethiopian restaurant in the near future.  If Wassie Mulugeta has his way, Buffalo will hopefully have their first.  There is no concrete plans and they are in the very early stages of looking into locations and neighborhoods, but it seems like there is some progress.
  • Fork On the Road – A new food truck coming to Buffalo and serving Vietnamese too!  The truck is the idea of Chef Kevin O’Connell Jr. (of O’Connell’s Bistro fame) and he’s already posted a menu from the truck and has created a twitter account.  On July it was posted on twitter that they were putting the final touches on their truck, but there hasn’t been any word since.  I’m really hoping their Banh Mi and Vietnamese Coffee are worth this wait.
  • Chipotle (in the Southtowns) – On a recent trip to Orchard Park, we got off the skyway and while driving down Milestrip Rd. noticed a Chipotle being constructed not too far from McKinley Mall, across the street from the BJ’s Wholesale.  Alli managed to snap a quick picture of the store, not sure how long until it’s open but it seems to be moving along quickly.
  • TBA Restaurant in the vacant Mode Urban Bistro spot– Another restaurant announcement that I found out in Mark Sommer’s Buffalo News article.  The building that housed Mode Urban Bistro has been empty for a while now but according to the article, there is an un-named Bistro that will be taking over the vacant spot.
  • Canvas @ 1206 – According to Buffalo Rising there is a long history behind Canvas’s path to opening an actual restaurant/bar that’s coming to Hertel Ave.  They’ll be open for breakfast and lunch and serving a nice variety of food (Meatloaf, Yogurt Parfait, Fish & Chips).  You can take a look at their entire menu here (no prices yet) and they’ve created a Facebook Group that you can join.  They are planning to open in September.
  • Delish (re-opening) – Delish isn’t a new restaurant but since they left their Elmwood location (which has since been filled by Dolci) they’ve been looking for a new location.  I knew Alli would miss their Red Velvet Cupcakes and then I read Christa Seychew’s preview post on Buffalo Spree.  I don’t even like Coffee but the idea of “Latte Art” seems like a pretty cool addition to Buffalo.  As of right now they are currently renovating their new building on 414 Amherst Street.  You can follow the progress on their facebook page and, yes again, they are planning to open in September.
  • The Cupcake Orchard – The Southtowns will soon be getting their own gourmet/artisan cupcake shop in the near future.  Planned to open this month, The Cupcake Orchard will be in the Village of Orchard Park (inside the Runner’s Roost plaza).  They have created a facebook page which you can keep track of when the actual opening date is and you can also drool over some of their sneak preview pictures of some of the cupcakes they will be offering.
  • Tokyo Sushi – according to our twitter follower @sketchball, there is a Japanese restaurant coming to Depew/Lancaster on Transit next to the Target/Panera plaza.
  • Bin 620 – I’ve been working down the street from the Holiday Inn on Delaware Ave for years and recently noticed they were constructing a new deck for a restaurant.  But thanks to my friend Sue, I came across this article from Artvoice talking about a new restaurant with a focus on their wine selection.  I simply though they were just adding to their existing restaurant Grille 620 but it seems like this will be something completely different.
  • Armour Inn Tap Room – thanks to reader Jacob, I just found out that a building that’s been vacant for years is going to finally open.  As a kid I remember driving past the building with a Subway car as part of the dining room and thought it was the coolest thing ever, then someone bought the property and started renovations which ended abruptly (due to a costly divorce).  It’s good to hear someone is finishing the job, the website says they are going to open in May/June but Jacob has stated it should be this September.  For more information about the owners check out the coverage from WIVB and Buffalo Biz Journals.

I’m sure there are more restaurants that I’m missing so if you know of any restaurants that are planning on opening their doors in the near future, please feel free to comment below.  Since we’ve really only visited 2 of the previous 14 “New Restaurants Coming Soon”, I probably can’t guarantee you’ll see anything from this list on Buffalo Eats in the near future.  But we are slowly cracking away at our “to-do list” and we will visit them eventually.  If you couldn’t tell Buffalo Rising, Buffalo Spree, Buffalo Chow’s twitter account and Andrew Galarneau’s Hungry For More Blog are all great resources for finding what new and exciting restaurants are coming to town.

2 thoughts on “New Restaurants Coming Soon: Part 2!!!!!

  • August 20, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Don’t forget about the Armour Inn Tap Room (formerly Goals Armour Inn) in Hamburg opening in September.

  • August 24, 2011 at 10:15 am

    i heard due to issues with the state wine theif might not be opening at all


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