Buffalo Eats at Star Lights

The Lobby

Last weekend we had the pleasure of going to the Buffalo Museum of Science for their Star Lights event.  For the entire night we tried out wines from different wineries, beers from different breweries and food from a couple restaurants, all while strolling around Egyptian Mummies and Dinosaur bones.  This was the second time we’ve attended an event at the Museum of Science but this time we managed to enjoy the building while enjoying a cocktail or two.

At Beerology the place was packed and we could barely move through the crowds at certain points, I’m not sure if it was lack of ticket sales or just a “different crowd” but with more room to walk it seemed like we weren’t in a rush to visit every station.  The beer vendors were all on the first floor and about 5 different breweries each serving a couple different styles.  Hands down my favorite beer was Ommegang’s Witte that they were serving right from the bottle, my favorite style of beer is a witbier and they make one of the best.  Alli really enjoyed the Glenora Win Cellars station, which was offering a bunch of their top selling wines, Pomergrante Pizzazz being her favorite that night.

The food was good but unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of it, while Beerology had pizza from some fantastic vendors, Star Lights had only had Tops Pizza.  Don’t get me wrong, Tops has it’s benefits here and there but good pizza is something they are not known for.  R&R BBQ Truck had their own table giving away small portions of their coleslaw, pulled pork, cornbread and a few desserts.  Maybe it was the beer and wine, but their food tasted much better then our first visit (we will be heading back soon for a proper visit).  Since they were really the only place offering hot food, the ran out quick.  We managed to try a couple samples an hour into the event and about 30 minutes later they were cleaned out.  Other than a Yancey’s Fancy station and some chocolate covered goodness from Oh Pour L’amour Du Chocolat (food porn coming soon!) there wasn’t much food to go around.  Luckily, the large amounts of beer and wine we enjoyed made up for it.

At the end of the night we ventured up to the roof (after a small wait) and got to take a look at a really cool view of the city.  There were binoculars and telescopes set up to take a look at the night’s sky but since it was so cloudy outside there wasn’t much to see.  The event was a really fun time and in case the opportunity to drink and walk around a museum wasn’t enough to make you buy a ticket, the proceeds go towards programming for the Museum of Science and Tifft Nature Preserve.  The museum has a few more events coming up; the 150th Anniversary Gala and (Over) Night at the Museum.

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